Bloomberg: Apple is working on a larger display on the iPad Pro

بلومبرگ: اپل روی آیپد پرو با نمایشگر بزرگتر کار می‌کند

Apple unveiled the iPad Pro M1 this year with 11- and 12.9-inch screens, but that approach is likely to change in the future, with future iPad Pros coming with larger screens.

According to Bloomberg New Report, The iPad Pro will be introduced with a larger screen in a few years:

“Engineers and designers are working on new iPads with larger screens that will be available in two years at the earliest. These products will most likely not be introduced next year, and Apple is focusing on redesigning the iPad Pro to the same size as current models. Of course, it is also possible that the iPad Pro with a larger screen will never be introduced. “However, an iPad with a larger screen can be useful for many users and reduce the distance between tablets and laptops.”

The iPad Pro is currently available with 11.9-inch and 12.9-inch screens and has powerful technical specifications. Bloomberg has previously reported that Apple is testing a glass back panel for the next-generation tablet in 2022 to add support for wireless charging technology.

Using a larger screen on the iPad Pro can reduce the distance between Apple tablets and MacBooks. Apple’s largest MacBook is currently equipped with a 16-inch display, and a 14-inch MacBook Pro is expected in the future.

Although a larger display can enhance the performance of the iPad Pro, its operating system is a major obstacle to making full use of its powerful hardware. iPadOS can not compete with MacOS, and for example, the high power of the M1 chip in the iPad Pro 2021 has fallen victim to the same operating system.

Bloomberg points out that Apple should eventually make it possible for the iPad Pro to run Mac apps or similar apps.

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