Bloomberg: Apple’s augmented reality headset likely to hit high price in 2022

بلومبرگ: هدست واقعیت ترکیبی اپل احتمالا با قیمتی بالا در سال ۲۰۲۲ از راه می‌رسد

Bloomberg talks in a new report about the long-awaited augmented reality headset that is under construction. The publication says that Apple’s headset may be introduced next year with an advanced chip, display and sensor, and avatar-based capabilities.

Bloomberg correspondent Mark German asks this question in a new report Raises That Apple headset will be built solely on augmented reality or support the ability to run games. He says the Cupertino headset has AR and VR capabilities at the same time, providing an experience that will enable high-quality gaming in virtual reality. German claims:

“Apple’s first headset will be a combination of reality. That is, it supports the capabilities of both AR and VR technologies. Although it is possible to run the game in both spaces, virtual reality is more useful for running professional games with high graphics. “With its headset, Apple seeks to provide a hybrid reality experience that can run games in a high-quality virtual reality space with fast chips and high-end displays.”

At the end of his speech, he claims that in the next few years, you will finally see an augmented reality headset that brings a unique experience. This claim is consistent with previous statements by Apple CEO Tim Cook about the future of augmented reality.

Earlier, it was reported that Apple’s augmented reality headset will cost at least $ 3,000. Now German has confirmed that this device will be an expensive product with an advanced chip, a quality display panel and a variety of sensors. According to rumors, the display panel of this device probably has a density of 3,000 dots per inch.

What do you think of Apple’s possible AR / VR headset? When do you think this device will be on the market and what features will it have?

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