Blue Origin v. SpaceX case postponed due to page numbering problems

پرونده بلو اوریجین علیه اسپیس ایکس بخاطر مشکل در شماره‌گذاری صفحات به تعویق افتاد

Blue Origin’s lawsuit against the US government and SpaceX was postponed again. This time, the US Department of Justice is to blame for not being able to number the 1,700-page case in a timely manner.

Due to the fact that the US government has not been able to number the pages of the heavy Blue Origin case against SpaceX in time, the deadline for processing this case is up to four more days. Postponed. On September 26, the Ministry of Justice asked the court for a week longer because it had problems formatting the 7 GB file in a way that could be shared with the parties. This file was to be transferred via DVD.

On Friday, September 3, the Ministry of Justice again requested a deadline and said that the file, which is now more than 16 GB in size, has encountered another problem. “The complete file has been categorized and indexed,” the ministry’s lawyers wrote in their request. “But the process of numbering individual pages takes longer than we thought and will not be completed before the deadline.”

Accordingly, the Ministry of Justice asked the court for another four days to complete the page numbering process. At the same time, it is said that the unnumbered version of the files will be sent to the parties as a joke.

Delays in handling Blue Origin complaint could delay NASA’s Artemis plan to send humans back to the moon. The US space agency asked SpaceX a few months ago for a $ 2.9 billion contract to build a human lunar lander. The two companies were originally supposed to be parties to the NASA contract, but a lack of funding limited the partnership to one company.

NASA has now suspended the SpaceX contract pending a federal court hearing. The Ministry of Justice last week chose November 8 to resume this cooperation, but it is unclear whether this date has been confirmed by NASA and other parties.

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