BMW and McLaren cooperation to produce electric sports cars

همکاری ب ام و و مکلارن برای تولید خودروهای اسپرت برقی

Without a doubt McLaren F1 One of the most successful examples is in the field of cooperation between the two largest car manufacturers in the world. This legendary supercar is the result of collaboration McLaren and BMW It was, and despite the passage of three decades, it still has a lot to say among modern supercars. Although F1 was a very successful project, there was no similar project by McLaren or BMW after that. But now the news is coming that such a project will probably be launched soon.

As reported by Car Magazine, Managers of McLaren and BMW Earlier this year, they had a meeting behind closed doors. It is said that negotiations have taken place, probably for development Two new joint products will lead to. If this speculation is correct, the said cars Both with the BMW logo and the McLaren logo will be sold.

British car magazine one of the above two models sports car Knows. In this McLaren task Providing carbon fiber chassis will be in charge. BMW will also supply the battery, engine and software. It is claimed that this car will be developed on the basis of a new platform, the platform of which some details were revealed in April this year.

BMW and McLaren cooperation
An anonymous source from BMW told the car magazine that McLaren took us from How to engineer and build a modern sports car especially with innovative ways to integrate key intelligent components.

You may ask at all What a necessity Is BMW involved in such an expensive project? In response, it should be said that the main competitors of BMW, that is Audi, Mercedes and Porsche All three are engaged in making electric sports models and will launch them by the end of the current decade. Therefore, if BMW leaves the field of competition without a direct competitor, in terms of marketing and brand image will suffer losses. It is not bad to know this company now direct competitor Not for Audi R8 and Mercedes AMG GT.

BMW and McLaren cooperation

But the second joint model of BMW and McLaren, most likely one Powerful SUV with electric drive will be. Regarding the details of this model, there is not much information available at this time.

Now an important question arises, and that is whether BMW is looking for a car with features beyond the capabilities of its M segment? The car magazine believes that McLaren may have some advice in the field Reducing weight and increasing torsional resistance to present Also, this publication believes that the presence of McLaren’s name can cause Attracting more customers and better sales be; In addition, this English company has the potential to provide capabilities that beyond capability Big companies like runaway Is.

BMW and McLaren cooperation

The report of the car magazine is speculative, and to get more information about it, we have to wait for the next news or the reaction of McLaren and BMW.

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