BMW electric cars broke the weight gain record; 2.6 tons for the new i7

خودروهای برقی بی ام و رکورد افزایش وزن را شکستند؛ 2.6 تن برای i7 جدید

There are currently two BMW electric models X7 and i7 are the heaviest products These are companies. Automakers are constantly striving to produce environmentally friendly and energy-efficient vehicles. The weight of the BMW E7 has reached more than 2.6 tons, and even in hybrid models it is possible to see the overall weight of the car approaching about 3 tons.

However, the new generation of cars is also getting heavier and heavier. This in itself causes depreciation and increased pollution.

The new generation BMW i7, which is actually the all-electric model of the BMW 7 Series Weight about 2640 kg Without carrying a passenger. It is the heaviest product in the history of BMW.

BMW 7 Series

Meanwhile, the company’s largest long chassis, the BMW X7 facelift model, also weighs 2480 kg.

However, Mr. Christoph Fagshlunger, the project manager of BMW, has announced that these figures The weight ceiling will be BMW products.

BMW 7 Series

In fact, future products will not be heavier in weight, at least.

However, Mr. Fagsholnger stated that part of this weight gain was for the comfort and well-being of the occupants. Today Modern chairs Used in cars at least 40 kg more weight Compared to 20 years ago.

The size of the cars has also grown significantly, but this growth will gradually stop. Because it will not be possible to use these cars in urban areas.


Electric cars due to use High weight battery pack And the accessories that come with it are overweight.

However, technology companies and automakers themselves have invested heavily in producing a new generation of lightweight batteries.

As a result, the use of new materials that can also be recycled. It will be widely used in the automotive industry in the coming years, and this alone will cause Weight loss products will be.

Gather drivers' experiences

Although Mr. Fagschlunger admits that BMW plug-in hybrid models It will weigh even heavier than these figures. Because in addition to combustion propulsion, it will also be equipped with electric propulsion and battery pack.

Weight issue especially in Sports cars It’s important, and automakers have always sought to reduce the weight of these cars.


However, luxury and high-end products that target the comfort and well-being of customers. They have always been the heaviest products of car companies. This issue is still observed today.

It remains to be seen what path automakers will take in the future, and whether our cars will be heavier and larger.

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