BMW technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions using recycled paints

تکنولوژی ب ام و برای کاهش انتشار دی اکسید کربن با استفاده از رنگ های بازیافتی

BMW has announced to reduce the negative impact on the environment, from Recycled colors Uses. These colors are made from renewable materials such as Biowaste or waste from wastewater treatment plants Will be extracted. According to the Bavarians, this greatly reduces the dependence on crude oil in dye production processes. It is anticipated that with this and other actions that BMW will take, it will produce more than 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide To be prevented until 2030.

Joachim Post Director of Purchasing and Supply Network of BMW In this regard, he stated:

“By reducing dependence on raw materials extracted from fossil fuels, we can simultaneously conserve natural resources while preventing the production of excess carbon dioxide.” Advanced colors obtained from Renewable raw materials“They are a big step in that direction.”

BMW uses recycled paints

Green is actually produced by BASF. BMW The first automaker Will use this type of paint in its factories in Europe. As mentioned, this paint is not only cleaner, but also reduces the amount of pollutant gases entering the atmosphere during the production, transportation and processing of crude oil.

Currently BMW is made from anti-corrosion materials and matte paints Stable materials It is used in two factories in Leipzig and Roslin. These materials and dyes are chemically exactly the same as the previous samples The same And have all their properties and characteristics. Instead, the carbon emissions from these materials and paints are lower than in previous models.

BMW uses recycled paints

It is said that with the new decision of BMW and the amount Production of carbon dioxide Related to the paint supply department, more than 40 percent Will be reduced. It is worth noting that this popular German brand last year introduced a new method called EcoPaintJet to paint its products. In this method, the colors are sprayed more carefully. The fruit of this new and innovative method, Saving 6,000 MW In power consumption and reduction of carbon pollution up to 2 thousand tons per year.

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