Boston Dynamics expresses concern over the installation of a paintball gun on a robotic dog

Boston Dynamics expresses concern over the installation of a paintball gun on a robotic dog

Installing a paintball gun on a robotic spot dog has caused some users to worry about the prevalence of this task and has led to a negative reaction from the manufacturer of this robot.

An advertising company called MSCHF, which has caused controversy by selling strange products, created a bigger controversy by installing paintball guns on the $ 74,000 robotic spot dog. In an event called Spot’s Rampage, the company installs a paintball gun on the robotic dog and allows users who have registered on the site to control the robot with a mobile phone. Each user has two minutes to control the robot and fire the gun. After two minutes, control of the spot will be given to the next user.

The installation of a paintball gun on a highly advanced robot such as the Spot has caused concern among some, including Boston Dynamics. The company issued a statement on Twitter in response to MSCHF’s latest project Published And condemned the use of its technology to propagate violence, harm or harassment.

Boston Dynamics added that activist art can bring the spot closer to everyday life, but MSCHF’s art has essentially made the spot look bad and ignored its uses in everyday life.

MSCHF has not responded to the Boston Dynamics statement and wants to continue its online event starting tomorrow (February 24). However, the company has warned users that they may suddenly lose control of the spot, which means that the Boston Dynamics with the help of the back door may temporarily disable the spot systems.

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