Britain imitates Netflix to make antibiotic purchase subject to subscription fee

بریتانیا با الگوبرداری از نتفلیکس خرید آنتی‌بیوتیک را منوط به پرداخت حق اشتراک می‌کند

The British Public Health Service (NHS) is launching a pilot project from next year, according to which medical centers will have to pay subscription fees to drug companies to supply the antibiotics they need. It has modeled its Netflix approach to subscriptions.

The purpose of doing this and receiving the subscription fee from the medical centers is to provide the necessary funding for the production of new antibiotics so that the pharmaceutical companies can cover the production costs of the new antibiotics by receiving this subscription amount. The British Public Health Service says the method is modeled on Netflix subscriptions.

Under the plan, health care providers are required to pay an annual subscription fee to receive the antibiotics they need. This subscription fee is received from health centers regardless of the dose of the drug.

The British Public Health Service has designed the platform, modeled on Netflix and its subscription and subscription plans, and says it will be piloted in the UK in 2022.

According to this institution, resistance to various types of antibiotics has become one of the problems today and can have many consequences for human health. That’s why pharmaceutical companies need to make newer antibiotics that make the human body less resistant. Undoubtedly, the production of new drugs requires funding, which some pharmaceutical companies cannot afford, and therefore do not go for the production of new antibiotics and refuse to do so.

The British Public Health Service is trying to help drug companies get some funding for new drugs by getting subscriptions from health centers. In this case, medical centers are required to pay a fixed annual fee as a subscription fee to pharmaceutical companies to be able to provide the antibiotics they need.

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