Britain launches investigation into Apostor’s anti-competitive policies

Britain launches investigation into Apostor's anti-competitive policies

Apple has come under increasing pressure in Europe over Appistor policies for developers, and now it is time for Britain to launch an investigation into allegations of Apple’s anti-competitive behavior.

According to the Competition and Markets Organization (CMA), the move comes after several formal complaints from developers alleging unfair terms and conditions from Apple. done. The organization will now review the AppStore rules that force apps and developers to use the store’s in-app payment and purchasing systems.

“Every day, millions of apps use the app to check the weather, play games or order food,” says CMA CEO Andre Koscielny. “So those complaints that Apple is using its position to impose unfair conditions or that it may restrict competition and choice need to be thoroughly investigated.”

In contrast, Apple claims that it will work with the CMA to explain how its privacy, security, and content guidelines have made Appestor a trusted store for consumers and developers. They went on to point out that their rules apply widely to all developers, and that they intend to use these rules to protect their consumers from malware and programs that collect user data without their consent.

Recent complaints, however, that have led to the European Commission conducting an anti-monopoly investigation into Opostor have increased European regulatory pressure on Apple. To address this problem and reduce the pressure, Apple has recently halved Appestor costs for developers earning less than $ 1 million a year but still receiving a 30% fee from larger developers.

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In addition to these regulatory barriers, Apple, on the other hand, is facing a growing reaction from the tech industry to in-store payments. Epic Games, the maker of the popular Fortnite game, has lodged numerous complaints with global regulators over Apple’s oversight of in-app purchases.

An American judge has asked Craig Federighi, Apple’s chief software officer, and CEO Tim Cook to testify as part of the studio’s lawsuit against Apple.

Other names, including Facebook, appear in the list of companies that have complained about Apple’s policies.

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