British mathematician: All the corona virus particles in the world fit in a can of soda

British mathematician: All the corona virus particles in the world fit in a can of soda

The corona virus has been affecting people all over the world for about a year. According to English mathematician Christine Yates, all the particles of the Corona virus that have killed millions of people around the world are housed in a beverage can.

It may seem a little strange ‌, but the main cause of all these problems and deaths around the world is not a giant, ‌ but if we collect all its particles all over the planet, a volume the size of a can of soda has it. Christine Yates had to answer important questions in order to measure the size of the corona virus around the world.

It must first be determined how many people around the world have been infected with the corona virus. The second question was how much virus might be present in each infected person’s body, and ultimately the mathematician had to answer the question of what the size of the corona virus was. Christian Yates believes that by answering these three questions, one can determine how much of the corona virus is present worldwide.

According to statistics, the corona virus is currently active among 3 million people. Depending on when these people are infected, there are between one and 10 billion viruses in each of them. According to these calculations, there are currently about 200 quadrillion particles of Corona virus, which, considering the area of ​​523 thousand square nanometers of each particle, occupies a total volume of about 160 milliliters. As a result, this volume of virus easily fits into a 335 ml beverage can.

This volume of virus has been able to infect people all over the world within a year. Of course, we must keep in mind that the corona virus does not have arms, legs or wings that can reach the human body and cannot reproduce unless it has a host. As a result, the only way to stop the transmission cycle is to break the human chain.

“Dr. Thomas Rousseau, dean of infectious disease at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Medical Sciences at Buffalo University, says:

“If we could force everyone in the world to wear a mask and follow health protocols for four weeks, the corona virus would have no way of transmitting and would be gone forever.”

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