Buick returns with Wildcat electric model; Different design for General Motors luxury brand

بازگشت بیوک با مدل برقی Wildcat؛ طراحی متفاوت برای برند لوکس جنرال موتورز

All brands are rapidly moving towards full electricity, and every day we see the unveiling of an electric car or concept model. This move can also be seen in the General Motors suite and its subsidiaries, where the unveiling of Buick Wildcat concept model Promises an electric future for this veteran brand.

Side view of Buick Wildcat

A new future for Buick

Buick Wildeck concept or wild cat, Buick brand new design language Is displayed. The company has announced that it will launch its first electric product in the North American market next year. As the name implies, with a conceptual model Aggressive and violent We are facing and the general shape of the car body is also stretched.

Important points in the Buick Wildcat concept model are the 2 + 2 shape of the seats and the semi-rotating doors. These elements will undoubtedly be part of Buick’s future product design language. Also Wildec design compared to current Buick products More bold It seems to have revived the sense of power of this American brand. The Buick badge remains the same style Three shields It remains, but the windshield now has a trapezoidal shape.

Buick badge
The famous Buick badge, which consists of three shields

Buick has not yet released any information about the technical strengths of this concept model, as most of the company’s focus is on Wildect design. However, the Buick Wildcat is an electric car, and its dedicated charging valve is located in the rear of the car and behind the rear window.

GM-style smart car

Buick’s efforts to add audacity to its products can be seen in the cabin of the Wildcat concept model. There are two digital screens in the car’s slim and wide dashboard, and the car seats are the same. Pilot seats are. A center console separates the front seats.

Buick to design the interior of this car from Contrasting colors of green and orange Has used. A variety of modern and humanistic technologies can be found in the Buick Wildcat. This car has permanent monitoring capability Physical condition of drivers And if the driver feels anxious, by activating items such as indoor lighting, seat massager and system Cabin air freshener Will try to calm him down.

Buick Wildcode Cabin
Buick Buck Wildcat

Buick feral cat is the first step of the company to become one Pure electric brand Is an initiative that this summer with the introduction of the first car from the family of electrical products Buick Electra It will take a more serious form. The first 2024 Buick electric product is expected to be available to American buyers.

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