Build the fastest laser-based random number generation system: 250 terabytes per second

Build the fastest laser-based random number generation system: 250 terabytes per second

Laser scientists have built 254 trillion random numbers per second, which is more than 100 times faster than computer-based random number generation (RNG) systems.

Random number generation is one of the most important algorithms in the computer world because it forms the basis of cryptography. With the growing number of online devices, the need for faster encryption with the ability to repel hackers is extremely important.

That’s why the new system has the potential to revolutionize the world of computers, as it can capture 250 terabytes of random bits per second. Produce. The system is so fast that developers had trouble recording its output using a high-speed camera. According to the researchers, this system beats random number generation hardware in terms of speed and bit rate of bitstreams.

A small laser, only one millimeter long, is embedded in this invention that reflects light between mirrors at both ends of an hourglass-like structure. Unlike previous laser-based systems, the new process can amplify multiple optical states simultaneously.

Interfering with each other, these states produce extremely rapid fluctuations in light intensity, which researchers measured with high-speed cameras at 254 dots per trillion seconds. The data output speed of this system was so high that the camera could measure its speed for only a few nanoseconds before the memory was full, after which the data was uploaded to the computer.

The system was jointly developed by researchers at NTU University Singapore, Yale and Trinity College Dublin. In the next step, the researchers want to prepare their system for practical applications by embedding a laser inside a small chip. This allows random numbers to be entered directly into the computer.

Researchers report their findings in the journal Science Have published.

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