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خرید گیفت کارت استیم

Steam is a platform for digital distribution of single and multiplayer computer games. To use this entertainment-based software platform, you must first create an account and charge it, one of the best ways to charge is to buy Steam gift card Is.

Today, with the advancement of technology and the per capita increase in the use of various applications, various portals have been built in the world, which lead to the creation of more interaction between different people in the world. In order to use different applications and get better services from the applications, you need to pay money or get a gift card, that’s why we want to explain about gift cards first.

gift card

In order to use different services of different applications, it is necessary to prepare a gift card. At first, the card version of this product was common in Iran, but gradually changes were made in it and it became common in the form of a code. Buy a gift card Steam is also required to buy games and play online games in the Steam service.

Providing a gift card means using a non-cash or virtual credit that is issued by various companies, banks or companies, and this product is an alternative to cash for using facilities or buying from online stores and businesses. The difference between a gift card and a credit card is their transferability, because gift card credits cannot be transferred, but credit card credits can be transferred. Their next difference is the expiration date of the gift card, and one of the important features of this card is the ability to buy anonymously from the site without mentioning your name. In addition, this card is very popular in America and was recognized as a gift in 2016. There are different types of gift cards, the most practical of which are Google, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon Skype and Apple cards.

In Iran, many people buy the Apple gift card, which has entered the Iranian market as the first gift card. By buying this Apple card, you can buy software, games, books, music or movies from stores. Today, with the banning of buying gift cards in Iran, many companies and sites made it possible for Iranians to buy these cards.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this program is built as a platform for selling digital games and playing multiplayer games. Online games or the use of new PlayStations have become very popular among users in today’s world, so that Steam has created a space with the largest number of games or many discounts for online game lovers. The popular feature of this platform is the wide access to many games and playing with anyone anywhere on the planet. Recently, Steam has become the largest game store with 120 million users, and according to users, it has a high potential for playing, making friends and spending free time. To benefit from all these facilities, we need to create an account and charge it by purchasing a Steam gift card.

Advantages of using Steam

The most important advantage of this program is the automatic updating of games, as the program detects which version you are using in your account and will update the program for you according to your Windows version. You can also compete in this game safely because the security systems in the games are very strong and powerful and the accounts cannot register changes or fraud while playing. This intelligent program has an anti-cheat system to identify fraudulent players and remove the game from their reach, and of course Steam is equipped with a guard system to protect the game from hackers. One of the most important advantages of Steam is having big discounts and publishing a large number of games per year.

How to register on Steam

First, you need to download the software for free and after installing it, create a Steam account for yourself, and then after running the program, on the first page of the software, you need to click on the New Account option, and then enter your details, and then with an email and Enter Steam password. After joining this software, you need to get an original version of the game, and to be able to buy the game, you need to buy a Steam gift card.

Buy Turkish Steam Wallet

Buying Steam credit cards is one of the best ways to enter online games and is one of the facilities of this company. The purpose of buying a Steam gift card is to increase credit and recharge the account, as well as to buy games of this software and play online and two-person games. The best feature of this card is that it has no restrictions for users and gamers, and it should also be noted that Turkish Steam Wallet means Turkish company’s gift card for Steam software. By purchasing Turkish Steam Wallet, you can enjoy the benefits of Steam programs. Before purchasing Steam Wallet, you must register on the site and carefully enter your phone number and email, and after purchasing the gift card, the code will be sent to you. Due to Iran’s sanctions, as well as economic pressures and the high price of Steam games, people are looking to buy cheap games, and this makes people interested in buying Turkish steam wallet compared to America.

The advantage of using Turkish Steam Wallet

The cost-effectiveness of these gift cards compared to American cards and, in addition, the ability to buy different types of games and also provide all the required packs, use the Steam workshop, the possibility of using Add Friend in Steam and even chat with other players and gamers active in the game. It is one of its advantages.

Buy Steam Wallet Argentina

Among the countries related to the Steam Wallet is Argentina, which actually has one of the most economic Steam regions, and gamers can purchase games at a much lower cost and use the Argentine Steam platform. According to the recent changes, players must purchase the Argentina Steam Wallet to top up their account from the sites/ to purchase the Argentina gift card, you must purchase the card in Argentinean currency, i.e. pesos, because the ability to convert the rate, according to the announcement published by the company, is not possible. It has been removed from the platform.

Steam gift card

As we mentioned, Steam is an online service with services for online game lovers. By purchasing a Steam gift card, you can shop at this company’s stores, and by using this popular service, you can have a pleasant experience of playing online games for two or one person. A Steam gift card is a digital code with a certain amount of credit and you can use it for your in-app recharge. Physical cards are not available in Iran due to sanctions and high price, so you can have the gift card in the form of a code.

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Steam wallet

Steam Wallet is a digital banking service and online tool accessible to all people of the world, using this wallet, users can add funds to their account and then make their purchases. The Steam wallet is actually an easy way to use the money in your Steam account, and of course it is important to mention that you cannot use the wallet funds to buy Steam gift cards.

Countries that can be used in Steam

The Steam platform is divided into several parts based on different countries due to the different prices of the games, and some of these popular countries, such as Argentina, use pesos as the currency. To buy an Argentine Steam gift card, the selected account must be in the country of Argentina and a card must have been purchased before that. has not been The second most popular country is Turkey with the lira currency, which is now considered one of the cheapest countries. The third case is the country of Russia with the ruble currency, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Steam has stopped its payments to Russian users and it is not possible to make payments through accounts in Russia, but according to the announcement by Steam, we can use PayPal and Wallet Ruble Steam in Russia. let’s use Other popular regions are India with rupee currency, Brazil with real currency, UAE region with dirham currency.

The most economical Steam gift card region

Due to the fluctuating prices of the currency market and the dollar, games on Steam have different prices, and this has caused gamers to be very sensitive to their region selection. Because the American region is much more expensive than the Turkish region, currently the Turkish region is more popular among users, and you can enjoy your game more economically by choosing the right region and paying less money.

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