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تله پورت کوانتومی؛ انقلابی در نحوه انتقال دیتا

Insurance companies have designed various insurance policies for insurers to compensate for financial costs and damages. Car insurance is one of the most common and best-selling insurance policies in the insurance industry, which consists of two third party insurance and car body insurance. Third party insurance is a compulsory insurance that all owners of land vehicles must purchase and if it is not provided, they will face car confiscation and fines, but car body insurance is an optional insurance that car owners consider They buy this insurance for coverage and benefits. If more culture is created to buy body insurance, the sales share of this insurance will definitely increase. Which company do you prefer to insure the body of the car you just bought? What about third party insurance or life insurance? Of course, to determine which insurance company to use, you need to compare their different tariffs. You may even need to consult a few knowledgeable people in this area to make a decisive decision.

There is no doubt that addressing all of these issues will take time and money. But what if you can buy insurance, compare different companies and consult from “one place”? Certainly things go much faster and less costly.

In the continuation of this text, we will explain about the advantages of body insurance and its types of covers. Stay with us until the end of the text.

What is body insurance?

As mentioned, body insurance is an optional insurance in which insurance companies specify the limit of liabilities and the amount of coverage in the insurance contract at the request of the insurer, and in accordance with the insurance law, will pay damages to the insurer’s vehicle up to the liability limit. . According to the car body insurance laws, the body insurance is responsible for compensating the damages to the car body. Also, by paying more insurance premiums, the amount of coverage can be increased and the risk of unwanted accidents can be transferred to the insurance company.

Main and additional body insurance coverage

Body insurance has two main and additional types of coverage, each of which covers specific cases and accidents. When the car owner applies for body insurance, he must first choose the main body insurance coverage and pay the premium in accordance with these coverages and the specified liability ceiling. If he needs additional coverage, he should increase the premium and buy additional coverage.

The main coverages of car body insurance are:

The main coverages include the following:

  • Damage from natural disasters such as fires, explosions and lightning
  • Total car theft
  • Damage caused by car transfer after accident
  • Damages caused by traffic accidents
  • Damage to the wheels and tires of the insured vehicle
Accident damages are the main body insurance coverage

Additional car body insurance coverage includes:

The following risks are not covered by car body insurance; But insurers by paying an additional amount of premium from additional coverage (minor risks) Buy car body insurance Benefit from:

  • Stealing in place of car accessories such as radios, rims, tires, mirrors and other car accessories
  • Breaking glass for reasons other than the main hazards
  • Compensation for not using the car during repairs
  • Natural disasters include floods, earthquakes, volcanoes
  • Accidents caused by spraying of chemicals such as acid and paint
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Coverage of car damage caused by floods in body insurance

Therefore, when you go to insurance companies to get body insurance, the items mentioned in the insurance contract are there and are considered as the main coverage. The insurance policy will state that in the event of an accident covered by the car body insurance, the damages will be paid up to the limit of the insurer’s obligations, so be careful in choosing the coverage and limit of your insurance obligations.

Car body insurance rules zero kilometers

A domestic or imported car that is less than three months from the date of delivery and numbering of the company is called a zero-kilometer car. Of course, insurance companies do not agree on the criteria for determining a zero-kilometer car. Insurance companies usually consider the following criteria in providing zero car body insurance:

  • The amount of time elapsed since vehicle numbering
  • Past tense of car license plate
  • Route traveled by car in kilometers
  • The amount of time elapsed since the date of manufacture of the car

As long as you are a good driver and your car is zero and without any problems, the accident is still lurking. Zero car insurance is recommended to reduce the risk of accidents or all kinds of accidents.

The important point is that various factors affect the amount of zero-kilometer car body insurance discount, and the necessary expertise must be done to determine the premium rate. If you have a new car, we suggest you read the zero car body insurance guide and be aware of your car insurance services and coverages:

Exceptions to body insurance coverage

Some accidents can not be covered by body insurance and insurance companies refer to them as insurance exceptions. The main reason for the coverage in the list of exceptions is the different amount of risk of each insurance policy. In fact, central insurance is one of the exceptions to insurance that is not covered by car body insurance. These include:

  • War, insurrection, attack or strike
  • Direct or indirect damage from nuclear explosions
  • Intentional damages incurred by the insurer
  • Police chase
  • Driving without a license or a revoked license
  • Use of alcohol, psychotropic substances and drugs
  • Towing another car
  • Carrying more cargo than allowed
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Buy body insurance fast and cheap

Choose and buy the best car body insurance

Due to the fact that the price of cars is increasing day by day, buying body insurance can compensate the damages to the car body and car parts in the accident. One of the concerns of car owners is always which insurance company to choose and what kind of coverage to choose in order to compensate the costs incurred in the car in the event of a car accident or natural disaster. Despite the different insurance companies and the price difference in buying different types of insurance policies, you have to waste a lot of time to compare and inquire about insurance. Therefore, we suggest that you use online insurance systems and brokerages to save your time and energy. Bimeh.com is an online brokerage for inquiring, comparing and buying different types of insurance policies, which has provided you with the conditions for comparing insurance companies so that you can buy the best car insurance at a reasonable price and with various coverages in a short time. Just go to the home page of the website bimeh.com Go and buy your body insurance after inquiring and comparing different insurance companies. Also, .com consultations and insurance experts are ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day through the following communication portals:
Address: No. 17, 6th Floor, Unit 6, Next to Parsian Hospital, Sarv Sharghi St., Tehrani Moghaddam (Kaj) Square, Saadat Abad, Tehran
Postal Code 1998653740

Contact numbers: 021-4372

Email: [email protected]

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