Buy flowers easily and quickly from the online store of flowers and plants

Buy flowers easily and quickly from the online store of flowers and plants

Valentine is one of the coldest days of winter, also known as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a special and romantic day to express strong heartfelt feelings. On this day, lovers give gifts to express their feelings, thus reminding each other of their place in each other. There are many gifts for this romantic day, but because flowers and plants are one of the most obvious ways to express emotions, they are more recommended for this day.

Valentine’s Day Plant

As mentioned, flowers and plants can be a good choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, because special plants are beautiful and stylish and are the best gift to express pure and sincere feelings. The only flowers they have in mind for this day are red roses. . The rose is a popular flower that is also a symbol of love and affection. Buy a box of roses Valentine can be a great option for arranging flowers together. Note, however, that flowers have a shorter lifespan when they detach from their stems and die shortly thereafter.

If you want the gift you give to last in your love room, we do Buy Valentine plant We suggest. Houseplants such as flowering plants, pots with special plants, terrariums and cacti are good gifts for this day.

A variety of plants suitable for Valentine’s Day

A pot with natural plants can be a special gift for your loved ones on this special day. You can choose the plant you want and turn it into a lasting gift with a stylish package with a postcard that has a romantic text. There are many flowers and plants to choose from for Valentine’s Day gifts. Buying a Valentine’s plant as a main gift or as a gift along with other gifts is a smart choice because quality plants have a high durability and will always be in front of your loved one.

Today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of new ideas for business, there are many stores that offer their products online. Also in the field of buying flowers and plants Online store of flowers and plants Golstan is with you as one of the most prestigious florists in Tehran on Valentine’s Day. Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day plants.


Cactus is one of the most popular plants that can be kept as a beautiful apartment plant in the home or office. This plant is popular among everyone, both girls and boys. Do not forget cacti and succulents to choose a Valentine gift for the boy. This plant has a great variety and you can explore different options and make the right choice according to your taste. Succulents grow slowly due to the storage of water in their internal tissues and grow with little irrigation and mild light conditions. Cactus can be given as a gift for Valentine either in a pot or as a cactus terrarium.

Open and closed terrariums

Terrariums are the best offer if you are looking for a luxury gift for Valentine. Terrariums are made in different dimensions, with beautiful plants, open and closed. The terrarium is easy to maintain and can be stored in a variety of environments. By buying a Valentine’s terrarium, you will benefit from the presence of several different plants in a glass garden. The terrarium usually uses hardy plants and is beautifully decorated. Cacti and succulents, petus, Chamadora palm, Monte Carlo grass, Syngonium, etc. are among the plants that are used in the terrarium and have a special charm with Valentine’s decorations. By giving a terrarium as the best Valentine’s gift, you can give peace, love and freshness to the dearest person in your life. Buying a terrarium as a Valentine’s gift for a girl is very significant because she will be excited to receive this gift. The durable terrarium can keep the feeling of love in your loved one.


If you want to buy a special plant as a Valentine gift, we recommend sterlitzia. Sterlitzia, also known as the bird of paradise, can be kept indoors. This plant is evergreen, hardy and perennial and in winter to late spring, the flowering season of this plant is colorful and special. The flowers of Sterlitzia plant are like flying birds, which is why this flower is called the bird of paradise. By choosing this plant for Valentine’s Day Gift, Show loyalty in your love to the other party.

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Censorship is sword, or spear, moonlight

Censoria is one of the simplest and most attractive options for buying a Valentine’s plant. Censoria is a special and beautiful plant that has a different appearance. The censors of the censoria plant are tubular with a spear-like tip. In some of them, the tip of the plant has been painted with artificial and special colors. Swordsmanship and moonlight will also be enduring plants for Valentine’s Day.

Philodendron Scandance

This beautiful houseplant with heart-shaped leaves can be given as a gift to the dearest people in your life. This plant is very similar in appearance to the petus plant. But the elongation and sharpness of the leaves make this plant different from the petus plant in appearance. Due to the fact that the heart is a symbol of Valentine’s Day, the appearance of the heart like the leaves of Philodendron has made this colorful plant suitable as an apartment plant for Valentine gift Be introduced. By giving a gift Philodendron Scandance On the day of love, wish your love health and blessings.

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