Cabin odor detection specialist; New and strange job profile in Nissan company

متخصص تشخیص بوی کابین؛ مشخصات شغلی جدید و عجیب در کمپانی نیسان

Since the Car interior odor is directly related to driver and passenger satisfaction Nissan has introduced a new job called Small Master, which is responsible for smelling various parts of the car.

Yunoske Ino, who is currently working at the company as “Master Bo” or Nissan Master Small, The task of smelling different parts of the car and choosing the best fragrance to attract customers Is in charge. He says The smell of each car varies depending on the temperature. Mr. Ino is the only employee responsible for setting the standard for Nissan car odors.

Buying a car is one of the major challenges in life. Many people when buying a new car pay attention to the technical specifications, body quality, equipment, amenities and of course the appearance of the car. But it is interesting to know The smell that comes from the interior of the car also plays an important role in decision making.

Small Master Nissan

Apparently, the smell inside the car can be recorded in people’s minds and increase their desire to buy. That’s why Nissan has decided to pay more attention to how cars smell. The Japanese company recently launched a new laboratory that examines the smell of cars in certain seasons or situations.

Nissan Small Master must position itself as a buyer and even inhale the scent of sunscreen, glove box and center handle. According to a Nissan technician, The company has high standards for the smell of its cars and if there is a problem, it will solve it immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, smelling a car and choosing a particular scent is not an easy task at all and requires special skills. That’s why Nissan has a certificate for this work and if someone can get this certificate, he will be hired as a small master in the company.

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