Campaign together for Iran

Campaign together for Iran

Solidarity of internet businesses to support users and startups of Iran’s digital space

Due to the conditions that occurred during the last 50 days and severe internet disruptions, many businesses in the digital space in Iran have been forced to close down, reduce income and face many problems. In this bitter situation and difficult days of our country, being together and accompanying each other is very important. Therefore, a part of the internet business community, while expressing their regret, expressed their sympathy with the dear people of Iran and tried to do their best to solve the problems of our people today with a little help.

Even today, in spite of the many bitterness that has cast a shadow on our dear Iran, we need to go through the situation with empathy and stand by each other so that we can manage and lead these situations well. Therefore, the jacket brand, together with a group of online brands and businesses, has decided to hold a campaign called “Together for Iran”, which has been available to our dear people since the 11th of November.

Moving together for Iran is a step that shows our presence as your companion to the people of Iran. In this campaign, we seek to compensate the damages caused to many domestic businesses by reducing the amount of expenses of each business and in this way help to make it easier to pass through these conditions.

Few people do not know that many problems have been created for many businesses these days. Since, based on the conditions in the country, many startups and operating companies have been led to a decrease in income and financial problems and even closure, we are in line with our social responsibility and to support users and businesses of the digital space, as well as to In order to play your part in this grief and reduce the problems that have arisen for internet businesses, offer your services or products with special discounts in Poish together for the people of Iran through the link foriran.info We have provided

Until today, many brands have joined us in supporting the people of Iran and the weakened internet businesses in the current situation. In addition to the jacket brand, the following brands are: Limohost, Seven Learn, Isminar, Faraz SMS, Virgul, MYDMC, Tesmino, Allocontent, Host Iran, Transis, Dehban Academy, Wallmessage, System Associates, Quora, Maupen, Reportages, Datak, Barind Publications, Capital Book , off-channel and 50 other internet businesses have joined the #Together_For_Iran campaign. A valuable companion that hopefully can solve some of the problems that have arisen for all businesses in the internet and digital space.

Campaign together for Iran

If you are also planning to join us as a part of internet businesses active in the digital space of Iran, we are very willing to share our empathy with you and benefit from your company. Undoubtedly, the presence of each brand in campaigning together for the people of Iran can reduce another part of the people’s problems and bring more encouragement to the affected people. Therefore, all the brands that have the conditions to accompany the campaign together for the people of Iran are invited to announce their readiness to accompany the campaign together for the people of Iran and be present with us.

It is hoped that campaigning together for Iran, with the help of you internet businesses and the digital space of Iran, will be able to solve some of the problems that have arisen for the current conditions of the country. It is hoped that the problems will be resolved soon and calm and suitable conditions for the domestic space of the country can improve the growth and progress of all digital brands.

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