Can personality tests tell us what career to choose?

Can personality tests tell us what career to choose?

Choosing a job does not depend only on income, and you have to find out whether you are sitting at a desk or you have to work during the day and you get tired of sitting still. Well, maybe many people do not consider this at all and go for jobs that they can only make more money from and reach higher positions in the future. But did you think that this job could cause you burnout and job dissatisfaction in the future and you will gradually get stuck in your job?

In fact, this career path can keep you from even succeeding and also reduce your work efficiency to below zero. Are you satisfied with this work? Would you like to experience a setback in your career instead of stepping on the path to career success and reach a day when you are tired of doing your job duties and responsibilities?

Of course, no one likes to get to this point and is always looking for ways to turn the job into one of the sweetest jobs as well as their launching pad. But how do we know what we are made for and, for example, whether or not we are a strong team player and like to do everything on our own? We have to tell you that access to the best and most reputable personality tests can give you great clues about the right job and you can take advantage of this opportunity. One of the most authoritative of these tests is the MBTI test, which allows you to gain useful information about your personality type and use it to determine your career path and even the way you interact with the people around you.

What is the MBTI test?

MBTI test One of the most popular and widely used tools is to get a personality type in the world. This tool is based on the research of the famous psychologist Carl Jung and helps you to easily understand why you have disagreements with other people at work and even at home, and you can not even do everyday tasks. Do yourself right and with enthusiasm. It is even used in companies to increase the interaction of teams and put each person in the right place and the right team.

One of the principles of Jung’s model, called “The Psychological Types of Types,” developed by him in 1921, was that everyone has an innate tendency to grow. This growth process can be different in different people and it is possible for a person to grow by doing things individually and a person in the team to shine and experience growth.

In fact, each person has a temperament, spirit, as well as characteristics that distinguish him from the other, and if you are careful, in many cases, it is this spirit and temperament that leads to the choice of job, profession and field of study. But Why should we Why should we take the MBTI test?

Why should we take the MBTI test?

You may have always hated talking on the phone, but you never really understood why. Or you may always need some extra time to think about a problem before making a decision.

By learning more about things like being introverted, intuitive or sensory, perceptual or judgmental, and ultimately emotional or logical, you may be better able to understand why you prefer certain things and dislike certain things. . This can be helpful when you want to make important decisions that may affect the course of your life, such as choosing a major and a job.

Choosing a field and profession that suits your personal preferences may mean that you will be happier and more satisfied with your choice and work in the long run.

Learning more about your personality type can also help you discover new ways to solve problems. If you find that you are more inclined to be introverted, you may want to give yourself a little more time to prepare for this position in the future when you are introduced to the company.

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Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are can help you to have a background in your responsibilities and tasks and to know what you can do. For example, if after testing it is determined that your personality type is an ambassador (you are extroverted, sensory, emotional and judgmental), the amount of energy (which indicates this feature of “communicating” with the world around you), receiving information ( Which shows how you act in “receiving information” from the world around you), decision-making (which shows how you make decisions) and organization (which reflects your approach to work and outlook on life). G) You are identified about the work in a way that can be very useful information.

Where to go for MBTI test?

There are many personality tests in the world that you can go to both English and online, and Persian websites are active on MBTI testing. Of course, you should note that the test results of which website are consistent with the latest research and developments in the field of psychology and have been approved by several psychology institutes. Iran Talent MBTI personality test is one of the most complete tests in this field, which you can do for free by visiting www.irantalent.com/tests/mbti to get accurate and incredible information about yourself and how you treat the environment. Get around and adapt your personality model to the most relevant jobs.

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