Can two masks be used to combat coronary heart disease?

Can two masks be used to combat coronary heart disease?

Coronas are spreading rapidly around the world, and governments are encouraging people to wear masks. Now one of the new recommendations to deal with coronary artery disease is to use two masks, but how effective is this proposal?

Some health experts do this for everyone They do not know it is necessaryHowever, according to Lincy Marr, a virus transmitter at the University of Virginia Tech, such advice works for people with thin, bony faces:

“If you combine several layers together, you will achieve high efficiency in blocking the entry and exit of the virus through the respiratory tract.”

The world has undergone many changes in the year since the start of the Corona epidemic, affecting more than 100 million people. In addition, we have encountered new species that have a higher prevalence rate.

Vaccination against coronas has begun in some countries, but precautions such as maintaining social distance and wearing a mask should still be taken. According to the latest estimates, life in the world will return to normal with the current vaccination rate for the next 7 years, so the use of masks is still very important.

Discussions about the use of masks relate to several scientific fields, such as epidemiology and physics, and research has shown the positive effect of masks in preventing coronary heart disease as well as limiting epidemics. Using one mask, especially the N95 mask, can be very effective in this area, and now research is focused on using two masks.

Due to the shortage of these masks in the world and also the approximate limitations for the treatment staff, the use of two normal masks seems to be a good recommendation because fabric and surgical masks are at least 50% effective in this field. For example, Dr. Marr recommends wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask. In fact, using two masks can not only improve performance and effectiveness, but also not cause much trouble for people to breathe.

If you are looking to use more than two masks, you will not achieve high efficiency and you will also face breathing problems. To improve the performance of the mask, you can put a cloth mask on the back instead of attaching it to your corners.

Although the use of two masks can increase its effectiveness and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, neither mask is perfect. Therefore, maintaining social distance as well as frequent washing of hands should still be considered by individuals.

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