Can we breathe the air of Mars?

آیا می‌توانیم هوای مریخ را تنفس کنیم؟

Suppose you are one of the astronauts who have reached the planet Mars. The first biological needs you have to meet are drinking water, eating food, a place to live and most importantly breathing. Oxygen Is. Oxygen is in the air we breathe on the ground, and most of it is produced by plants and microbes for us. However, there are other elements besides oxygen.

Most of the atmosphere, about 78 percent, is made up of nitrogen gas, and only 21 percent of the air we breathe has oxygen. However, our bodies are biologically designed to consume only oxygen from all the elements in the atmosphere.

Mars has a very dilute atmosphere, about one percent of Earth’s atmosphere. In other words, for every 99 molecules of air on Earth, there is one molecule of air on Mars. Of course, part of this difference is due to the smaller size of Mars compared to Earth. In fact, Mars is about half the size of Earth. In addition, Mars’ gravity is not high enough to hold the atmosphere around it.

One of the gases that is extremely dangerous to humans is gas Carbon dioxide Is. Fortunately, this gas makes up only one percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, but on Mars, 96 percent of the atmosphere contains carbon dioxide.

In addition, the Martian atmosphere has almost no oxygen, and only one-tenth of the planet’s air is oxygen gas. That amount is not enough even for a moment to last on the planet, even You will not have a chance to blink. Therefore, we suggest that you use space clothes and oxygen capsules to travel to Mars. Of course, in addition to suffocation, other worse things happen. According to the laws of thermodynamics, due to the very low pressure of the Martian atmosphere, blood boils inside your body and the whole body gradually swells.

What would life be like without oxygen on Mars?

To date, there is no evidence of microbial life on Mars, although the search for life on Mars has only recently begun. Undoubtedly, the environment of Mars is very difficult to survive, and the lack of oxygen is just one of the harsh conditions on the planet.

There is no water flowing on the surface of Mars and its average temperature is minus 45 degrees Celsius. However, some microbial organisms survive in harsh conditions. On Earth, researchers have been able to find microbial life in Antarctic ice, and even a few kilometers deep in the oceans, at very high or low temperatures, with almost no oxygen.

Besides, it may have existed vitally billions of years ago and is no longer on the planet due to the harsh conditions of Mars. Astronomers believe that Mars had a more concentrated atmosphere in the past, and therefore had better conditions for the presence of life.

Can oxygen be produced on Mars?

NASA recently mission Endurance (Perseverance) has been sent to Mars to look more closely at microbial life on the planet and may be able to find fossils of this life. Of course, this mission is not limited to this goal and has other scientific tools for testing on the planet.

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One of these tools, Maxi (MOXIE), which can convert carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere into oxygen in a chemical process. If the device goes ahead with the mission designers’ predictions, astronauts could generate oxygen on their Martian voyages to the planet and even use it in rocket fuel. This technology can help reduce the cost of space travel and even increase its convenience.

NASA is currently developing new technology to send astronauts to Mars so that they can use them on these voyages and even farther destinations in the next decade.

In the end, we suggest This article is Digito Read on to find out the fascinating facts about Mars.

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