Canon is also looking for cooperation with the smartphone manufacturer

Canon is also looking for cooperation with the smartphone manufacturer

The collaboration of professional camera and lens manufacturers with smartphone manufacturers is nothing new. In the past few years, we have witnessed several collaborations between different companies, and in the meantime, some worked very well and successfully, and the results of some did not turn out as well as expected. To WccTech website report Canon has become the next company to partner with a smartphone maker.

Zeiss collaboration with Vivo – more advanced mobile cameras than ever before

According to one of the reputable experts Digital Chat Station, Canon is looking forward to working with a smartphone manufacturer. This news could mean that there is a possibility that we will see the appearance of the Canon brand on smartphones in the future.

Canon smartphone

What company is Canon looking for cooperation with?

Upon hearing this news, everyone is curious as to what company Kanan will be looking to work with? In the first step, you can remove the companies Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo or OnePlus from the list, because these companies are all already associated with the brands Leica, Zeiss And Hasselblad have cooperated That means we now have Apple, Samsung, Asus, Google, Honor, Huawei, Motorola, Nothing and Realme as possible candidates. However, we know that the probability of Apple and Samsung agreeing to such a partnership is almost zero. In addition, Sony cannot be included in our list because Sony itself is currently a professional manufacturer in the world of cameras and video recording and related equipment, and if we want to be honest, it is considered one of the two main competitors of Canon. In this way, only 6 options remain.

Canon smartphone

So, for those who don’t know what a collaboration between a camera company and a smartphone maker is, well technically nothing. You only get settings, along with some color profiles and the like, but that’s not enough to revolutionize the smartphone experience, and it’s the main reason why big companies don’t need camera makers to improve their cameras. This is why we believe that Samsung or Apple or even Google will not partner with Canon. For some reason, the most likely candidate is the Nothing company, and with the Nothing Phone 2 slated for later this year, we may see it happen in the future.

It is not really possible to be sure how the result of this cooperation will go. As mentioned before, we have seen several other collaborations between different companies, which can be considered as almost nothing. So, for the time being, we have to wait until it is first determined with which company this collaboration between Canon will be, and secondly, whether it will be an advertising branding or whether we will really see a change in photography with phone cameras.

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