Capital FATA Police Chief: Google Play is not approved by us, do not trust it

رئیس پلیس فتا پایتخت: گوگل پلی مورد تایید ما نیست، به آن اعتماد نکنید

The FATA police chief asked people to download banks and banking software from reputable sources such as the FATA police website. Goodarzi called social media and Google Play unreliable resources, which he believes people have used unknowingly and should not trust.

In recent days, the release of fake versions of the fake applications of eight countries in the Google Android Store provided a good opportunity for profiteers to defraud people. But with the entry of FATA police into the affair and Request from Google Play, These applications have been removed.

“Davood Moazami Goodarzi,” the capital’s FATA police chief, told Mizan about effective solutions for detecting counterfeiting with banks and other electronic payment software:

“The most important way to prevent this type of crime, which we have been constantly emphasizing, is for citizens to download banks and banking software from reputable sources. “Citizens must download and use the software from a website owned by the banks themselves.”

Emphasizing that citizens should not trust unreliable sources such as social networks, Google Play, and other resources that may appear to offer the same banking software, he said that there is a possibility that what these resources provide is inherent. They can be a kind of malware and gain access to citizens’ privacy and violate their privacy.

Goodarzi said that these types of resources that provide various software are not approved by the FATA police in any way, he said:

“The best way for citizens to receive this type of service and software is to download this type of software related to electronic payments from defined and valid sources. “On the FATA Police website itself, we have put a valid link related to these banking software for citizens to access, and people have the opportunity to receive this type of service in a reliable way by visiting the site belonging to the FATA Police.”

Using external app stores is out of ignorance

Reacting to speculation that people would prefer to use foreign software stores, Tehran’s FATA police chief called it a misconception, saying: “I do not endorse such claims in any way. Sometimes some of our citizens may unknowingly seek services from foreign stores that cause them problems. “But it is not the case that our citizens are more willing to receive services from foreign stores.”

Asked what kind of cooperation the FATA police had with the fake banks, he said that co-operation between the banks and the FATA police had been established to deal with or prevent such crimes and scams: “Banks are cooperating with us, both as reporters and as alerters, as well as other interactions that should take place between the police and banking institutions.”

According to Goodarzi, the entire effort of the FATA police is to pursue the issues related to the harms and threats related to the crimes in cyberspace, and it is always in interaction with various institutions:

“Among our actions in the direction of cooperation and synergy with banking institutions is the issue of electronic banking and maximizing security in this area. “All our efforts are based on creating a more secure environment for the issue of electronic payments and the field of electronic banking.”

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