CEO of BionTech: We need a new vaccine for Corona virus by mid-2022

مدیرعامل بیون‌تک: اواسط ۲۰۲۲ به واکسن جدیدی برای ویروس کرونا نیاز پیدا می‌کنیم

In a new interview, the CEO of Biontec says that future strains of the Corona virus can escape existing vaccines and booster doses. As a result, we will probably need new vaccines for Covid-19 by mid-2022.

“Ugur Shahin”, CEO of Biontech, in a new interview with the magazine Financial Times He says the world will probably need new vaccines by mid-2022 to protect against coronavirus mutations. However, he stressed that existing vaccines, including their co-produced vaccine and Pfizer, are effective against current species such as the highly contagious Delta species, and their effectiveness can be increased with a booster dose.

However, Mr. Shahin believes that coronavirus antiviral strains can escape the immune response generated by these vaccines. As a result, we may need specific vaccines to control these species. “We will not need a new and different vaccine this year,” Shahin said. “But by mid-next year, things will change.”

“The virus will stay and adapt,” Biontech CEO said. By no means can we say that the immune system will be able to cope with the next generation of the virus more easily than the current species. “We are facing a kind of continuous evolution, and this evolution has just begun.”

Next year’s vaccination programs around the world will pursue two separate goals: The first is to inject a reminder to people who have received both doses of the vaccine. The second goal is to provide vaccines to communities that have not yet received the required doses.

With all that said, Pfizer CEO Albert Borla recently said that life will return to normal within the next year, despite the emergence of new strains of the coronavirus. The Pfizer / Biontech vaccine is the only Crohn’s virus vaccine in the United States that is fully licensed for injection and is used to combat Covid-19.

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