CEO of Postex: ‌ We provide a postal services market with the most complete services to users

مدیرعامل پستکس:‌ یک بازارگاه خدمات پستی با کامل‌ترین سرویس‌ها را به کاربران ارائه می‌دهیم

Last year, Postex, a postal services marketplace, moved more than 1 million packages within the city, suburban and internationally, saving 30% in distance and fuel consumption by using intelligent services. With the acceleration of companies active in the field of postal services, this group has provided various companies in the field of logistics services for online stores and users, which together form a complete set of postal services.

Postex is a comprehensive postal services platform that lets users know which postal companies will send the package, at what cost and with what restrictions, by specifying the volume, weight, origin, destination and payment method by the sender or recipient. After this step, the user can select the postal company, receive the shipment at home or at work from the user, if necessary, pack it and deliver it to the selected postal company in the city of origin. Postex services are provided in the form of intra-city, sub-city and overseas postage, pre-rent and post-rent, as well as on-site payment (COD).

Although Postex is committed to closely monitoring the shipment to the destination, users can use supplemental insurance to be compensated if their packages are damaged. It is also possible to track shipments to the sender and receiver using the web services provided by postal companies partnering with Postex.

His postage statistics show that he has had a successful year

“Babak Aghili-Nasab” in an interview with Digiato, while announcing that this private company has not attracted any capital so far, announced the profitability of more than three billion Tomans of this company last year, which according to him has caused banking and industrial complexes to be attracted to this complex. And negotiations have taken place to invest in the company; Negotiations that, of course, have not yet been concluded.

As Aghili told Digiato, the activity of this company started in 1397, but the peak of their activity was simultaneously with the spread of Corona in the country; These days, by providing postal services at home or at work, they have been able to play an important role in breaking the Covid 19 outbreak chain.

Investing in startups to meet customer needs

In addition to the services it provides, Postex also serves as a creative and innovative home, an innovation center and an accelerator. An issue that has led to the expansion of Postex services to meet the needs of people in the field of sending packages. Aqili-Nasab told Digiato:

“Postex is both accelerating and investing. We attract startups that have ideas that are relevant to our business but do not have the initial capital and capacity to provide customer service, and in addition to investing, we also play the role of mentor for them. “These startups start their operations as a subsidiary of Postex and offer a large part of their services to us.”

Shapex is one of these startups that has been operating as a subsidiary of the company since Postex was invested. The CEO of Postex stated that the purpose of Shapex’s birth was to provide the best services to Instagram and Telegram stores and added:

“Order management is one of the biggest problems of such online stores that Shapex offers a solution to this problem; The panel is given to the seller with a dedicated domain and all posts on social networks are transferred to Shapex with price and inventory. “The seller can also put this link on his page and customers can go to Shapex to buy.”

Providing logistics, warehousing and accounting services, etc. are other facilities that, according to Aghili, are available to active sellers in Shaps, and their buyers can also take advantage of Postex to receive their product.

Investing in the startup “Security” is another activity of the company that solves an important part of the concern of online sales: “To solve the problem of distrust in an online purchase, the buyer transfers the cost of the product to a virtual interface account and the seller Has the opportunity to send the goods within 24 hours. The money will then be transferred to the seller’s account until the order reaches the customer and is verified; “If it is not sent within the deadline set by the sender, the original money will be returned to the buyer.”

The CEO of Postex pointed to their other investments in “Pickup” and claimed that it is the first courier platform system in the country that, in cooperation with other companies, has made it possible for users to compare: “Pickup Plus service is also active in 128 cities in Iran. Provides intra-city courier service at a fixed price. “That is, the shipping cost depends only on the size of the shipment and the distance between the origin and destination does not affect the final price.”

Familiarity with other Postex services

1652267792 650 CEO of Postex ‌ We provide a postal services market CEO of Postex: ‌ We provide a postal services market with the most complete services to users 2
The interesting point of the statistics of the record of this collection is the strong activity of Postex in the cities

“Cold mail is one of our new services used to send special items, such as infectious-laboratory samples,” he said, referring to other special services provided by the company. Some experiments in Iran should be examined in megalobes, 9 of which are in Tehran and one in Isfahan. Unfortunately, at present, sampling in laboratories in other cities is done in an improper packaging in an icy container, which carries many risks. “But with the use of cold mail service, samples can be collected in special containers and sent to the whole country within 24 hours, and the cost by our service is much lower than the special cold mail service provided by some postal service companies.”

Aghili-Nasab stated that for the first time in the country, they have set up an international post office, adding that they rely on their extensive representations in the country to provide foreign postal services from door to door:

“Postex in this service covers more than 202 countries of the world and the variety of cooperation with the headquarters of various international postal companies has removed the restrictions for Iranian users. For example, if a person wants to send nuts to the United States, he can not use the International Postal Company, which has its headquarters in the UAE, because nuts are not allowed to enter the UAE from Iran; “But if the company is headquartered in a European country like Greece, the nuts can be easily shipped and delivered to the United States, given the lack of restrictions.”

1652267792 572 CEO of Postex ‌ We provide a postal services market CEO of Postex: ‌ We provide a postal services market with the most complete services to users 4

He went on to point out the different customs laws in different countries, stating that it is not possible to set an instant final price for foreign (international) postal service shipments. But after registering the order, uploading photos and explanatory data about the product and determining the choice of the service company; In less than an hour, the company will determine the possibility and the final price and Postex will inform its customers by sending an SMS. After paying the fee through the payment link in the sent SMS, the process of sending the postal package begins.

The CEO of Postex expressed hope that in the near future, with the help of artificial intelligence, they will be able to make this process intelligent in order to announce the result to the customer by examining and analyzing the moment of the customs laws of the countries.

In the end, he spoke about creating a platform for the simultaneous collection and distribution of parcels at Postex. In this service, the vehicle service capacity of the Tipax representative is calculated instantly and a package can be received or delivered from the customer at the same time.

1652267793 257 CEO of Postex ‌ We provide a postal services market CEO of Postex: ‌ We provide a postal services market with the most complete services to users 6
According to Aghili, they used the system on 400,000 routes last year, which resulted in a 28 percent reduction in traffic: “We have saved relocation, which has a significant impact on reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.”

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