CEO of Telecommunication Company: The landline sector is completely unprofitable

مدیرعامل شرکت مخابرات: بخش تلفن ثابت کاملا زیان‌ده است

Referring to the challenges facing this group, the CEO of Iran Telecommunication Company stated that the company’s fixed telephone sector is completely loss-making and the mobile sector, despite the forecasts, is not very suitable and causes an imbalance in the field of telecommunications.

A symposium and appreciation of communication activists was held in the presence of senior staff managers and regional managers of Iran Telecommunication Company, in person and by video conference throughout the country. In this meeting, Soltani, referring to the difficult and turbulent path that Iran Telecommunication Company has faced so far in the field of economic issues and development in the conditions of sanctions, said: “The activity of this company is proud despite the difficult path with the existing problems. »

Referring to the challenges of Iran Telecommunication Company, he said: “In the field of technical infrastructure, such as depreciation of telecommunication equipment and sanctions conditions, non-fulfillment of contractors’ obligations and non-participation in the maintenance of infrastructure by FCPs.”

According to Soltani, the company’s fixed telephone sector is completely loss-making, and the mobile sector, despite the forecasts, is not very suitable and causes an imbalance in the field of telecommunications.

“Compensation for major damages and losses is one of the priorities of telecommunications,” he said.

“Annual demands from government institutions and organizations, some approvals and non-change of tariffs are among the issues that telecommunications is facing and is trying its best to create economic balance in the telecommunications industry and protect it. In these 12 years, Telecommunication has paid 60,000 billion tomans to the government. “Despite these issues, about 50,000 billion tomans have been invested in the field of development by the Telecommunication Company.”

Expressing the pathology of these issues, he believes that any company with these conditions will definitely go completely bankrupt: “Unfortunately, with this argument, the issue of telecommunications monopoly is also raised in the meantime, which is really unfair.”

Soltani considered having loyal customers and valuable and knowledgeable human resources with specialized knowledge as one of the strengths of telecommunications, which has led to a stronger service distribution network.

According to him, they need a leap forward to seize opportunities, which is based on the growing need of customers for a secure and stable connection with wider bandwidth, fierce competition from telecom industry suppliers to work with the company, and government targets for the network. National Information is:

“In the short term, we seek to innovate in the staffing process to increase productivity; in the medium term, to innovate products and services to develop the market;

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