Chairman of the Home Appliance Industry Association: The ban on the import of home appliances was not demanded by the union

رئیس انجمن صنایع لوازم خانگی: ممنوعیت واردات لوازم خانگی خواسته صنف نبوده است

Chairman of the Home Appliance Industry Association with reference to Leadership order to ban the import of home appliances from South Korea, Stated that this issue is not the demand of the entire home appliance industry and several manufacturing companies wrote letters without consulting the organizations in this field, to prevent the import of home appliances.

“Alireza Mohammadi Daniali” at the fifth meeting of the Industry and Mining Commission of the Tehran Chamber, stating that the ban on the import of home appliances has been done with the intention of supporting domestic production, said:

“The ban on the import of home-made goods is not a new thing, and it was approved by the heads of forces two years ago, but now we see that about 40% of the home appliance market is in the possession of smuggled goods. “If the government wants to support domestic production, it will prevent the smuggling of $ 2.5 billion worth of home appliances.”

According to him, if the gates of imports are opened, despite Iran’s zero economic growth and low ranking in terms of business ease and competitiveness, home appliance companies will not be able to compete with foreign models: “When the business card is extended for at least three months “It takes time or the clearance of raw materials from firms sometimes takes about three months. Which manufacturer will be able to compete with foreign competitors?”

Emphasizing that it is possible to produce a competitive product based on up-to-date knowledge in the home appliance industry, Danieli said that it depends on the government’s real support for domestic production, improving indicators and eliminating complex and cumbersome bureaucracy for raw material clearance.

Reacting to speculation that the import ban would affect the home appliance industry, he said:

“Comparing the home appliance industry with the car industry is a comparative comparison; Because 90% of the car industry is monopolized by two companies and this industry is run by the government. At the same time, cars are not smuggled into the country. “But there are about 500 private companies active in the field of home appliances, and there are at least 20 to 30 companies active in the production of various types of home appliances.”

According to him, after the departure of foreign home appliance companies from the country in 1997, extensive investments have been made by home appliance manufacturers in the country to meet the needs of the market.

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