Chairman of the Joint Commission: The opinion of the Ministry of Communications on the general protection plan is positive

واکنش رئیس کمیسیون مشترک به نامه معاونت حقوقی: ابطال کلی طرح صیانت یک شوخی بی‌مزه است

The head of the Joint Commission for Recent Transfers attributed to the Minister of Communications in opposition to the protection plan called it unkind. According to him, he has already attended 5 4-hour sessions Representatives of the Ministry of Communications Composed and commented Majority About Generalities of the plan Has been positive.

The meeting to explain the protection plan with the new title of the cyberspace regulation system plan was held this afternoon in the presence of the board of directors of the joint commission for reviewing this plan.

In this meeting, “Reza Taghipour”, the head of the joint commission, in response to a question about the approach of the Ministry of Communications regarding the protection plan, said:

“A statement issued yesterday by the Ministry of Communications regarding the recent remarks of the Minister of Communications shows that some of the words used by the media attributed to the Minister of Communications have not been properly transmitted, and it is unkind to say that the Ministry of Communications and the Minister of Communications “The plan is the opposite.”

“One of the reasons for the delay in reviewing the plan was the application of the opinions of the Ministry of Communications,” he said. That’s right- they’s arguing Design details “They even say that I have a serious discussion on the six articles of this plan, and God willing, we will discuss these issues in detail.”

It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Communications told reporters on the sidelines of the inauguration of the national radio and television signaling network on March 25, referring to the protection plan, that the plan still has major problems and asked MPs to address the concerns of people and businesses. To consider.

Applicants for the return of the protection plan to the public are calling for the details to be corrected

In response to a question about what will happen to foreign platforms after the implementation of this plan, Taghipour said: “Friends who claim that we want to close foreign platforms in this plan should say in which of the notes this issue is mentioned. »

The head of the joint commission stressed that the plan eliminates discrimination between domestic and foreign platforms, adding:

“One of the most important things that is being done is that we want to eliminate discrimination between domestic and foreign platforms. At the moment, the authorities do not have access to foreign platforms and they can commit any violation. But internal platforms must be accountable. “In this plan, each platform is supposed to be accountable to a regulator, and the good thing about this law is that it eliminates disorder and chaos.”

According to him, the previous versions had important points, but in the new version, they have tried to limit the subject of the law to a few titles, and for this reason, the name of the plan has been changed: “In the new version, we have focused on the issue of regulation.”

Taghipour further stated that before the approval of the general plan of protection, no member of the commission registered to speak as an opponent, adding: “He did not name it because in the original text of the plan, no one has anything to say, and only a few people speak in the margins.”

“We are considering measures to prevent foreign platforms from creating problems for domestic businesses if they want to,” said Zohreh Al-Hayan, a member of the joint commission, stressing that there should be no problems with public access to foreign platforms.

Member of the Joint Conservation Plan Commission

He also referred to the collection of signatures by delegates for Return the review of the protection plan to the public arena “Deputies have stood by the plan, and those who want the plan to return to the forefront are calling for detailed reforms,” ​​the parliament said.

“Ali Yazdikhah,” the first deputy chairman of the Joint Commission, implicitly referred to Jalal Rashidi’s actions:

“There are 23 members of the joint commission who were elected by the representatives. The presence of all the representatives is free. Dear colleague who was present at the last meeting was not a member of the commission, and we allowed him to attend the meeting, speak, film himself and “Broadcast.”

National Information Network is the Iron Dome for cyberspace

In another part of his speech, Taghipour said that the national information network should be called the oppressed national information network: “After raising this issue, Clinton Said Iran looking Create an iron dome For cyberspace but America “It passes through.”

He called the National Information Network the best space for business and added:

“In the national information network, we do not have band restrictions and we do not give bandwidth money to foreign countries, so it is the best space for business. “In this network, dependence on the outside, the competitor and the opponent is reduced so that we have independence and the key to business is not in the hands of the competitor so that businesses are not vulnerable.”

The head of the Joint Commission believes that the National Information Network has all the benefits of the Internet, as well as an important advantage called independence: “If someone produces content, it is effective in increasing user traffic, and they should be paid a percentage.”

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