Chairman of the Shuttle Board of Directors on the decline in Internet quality: The country’s Internet bandwidth capacity has not increased

رییس هیات مدیره شاتل درباره افت کیفیت اینترنت:  ظرفیت پهنای باند اینترنت کشور افزایش نداشته است

The chairman of the board of directors of Shuttle Company tonight (October 10) in a live Instagram conversation with Digito, while pointing to the decline in the quality of the Internet in the country and the people’s protests against this issue, announced that two months ago and the new Minister of Communications Today, the country’s internet bandwidth has not increased. He said permission for the increase in bandwidth capacity should be issued by the High Council for Cyberspace, and that has not happened to date.

According to “Mohammad Hassan Shansazzadeh”, this issue can be related to the protection plan. He stressed that they had requested a meeting with the new Minister of Communications to resolve the challenge, but that Issa Zarepour had not yet met with any of the Internet companies.

“Mohammad Hassan Shaneh Sazzadeh”, who was the guest of “Antek” Digiato live Instagram program, while confirming the decrease of internet quality in the country, considered it related to reducing the bandwidth in the international internet and emphasized that there are no restrictions for domestic traffic and all restrictions are related to The Internet is international. “In peak times, the bandwidth of the infrastructure is full, and last week we had a meeting with the regulator and we told them about this problem,” he told Digito. “Apparently, the two-month bandwidth upgrade has not been done in the infrastructure, and all service providers are facing the full capacity of the Internet in the infrastructure.”

According to Shanesazadeh, Internet traffic in the country is increasing by between seven and ten percent per month, and apparently the increase in bandwidth must be done with the permission of high-level institutions such as the Supreme Council of Cyberspace: “This upgrade has not been done yet and no one knows the license “When will it be issued?”

He told Digito that no explanation had been given to ISPs as to why the license would not be issued, but they speculated that it was because of a protection plan. “It should not grow too much.”

According to the broadcaster, the upgrade usually took place every three months across the country so that Internet providers would not face speed limits. International Internet should be restricted. This mindset has been around for years and has not happened before, but the new minister who took office may not have had time to go into the details yet. “We have been asking the Minister of Communications for a long time to have a meeting, but they have not answered us yet. Although they met with startups but did not have a meeting with the FCPs, their deputy, Fallah Joshaghani, is aware of these problems.”

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Asked if the FCPs had referred themselves to the High Council of Cyberspace, Shanesazadeh told Digiato: “This is not up to us and the infrastructure itself has to follow up and this is out of our control.” He reiterated that the Minister of Communications had not yet given them a date for the meeting: “Holding a meeting remains unanswered.”

Tonight (October 10), Shansazzadeh took part in a live Instagram with Digito, where issues related to internet quality were raised in the first few minutes of the live. You can watch the first 10 minutes of this live program dedicated to the quality of the Internet here:

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