Chat with celebrities; Bing brings you closer to your favorite celebrity

Chat with celebrities;  Bing brings you closer to your favorite celebrity

It turns out that Bing’s AI with a hidden “celebrity” mode can answer questions by faking the voices of famous people. To use this, just ask Bing to Activate Celebrity Mode. By doing this, Bing will imitate the tone of the target person and you can easily chat with your favorite celebrities.

Bing celebrity mode

In fact, Celebrity Bing mode is an amazing feature that allows you to chat with a virtual version of a famous person like an actor, singer or athlete. You can ask them about their life, career, hobbies, opinions and other topics. Bing will respond in a way that matches the personality and tone of your crush.

Of course, Microsoft has not yet published information about this feature. So, it’s still possible that the AI’s ability to mimic the tone of these characters is a figment of its imagination.

This news comes as Microsoft introduced a new mode called “Creative” last week. This new mode allows users to change the tone of sentences.

It’s interesting to note that when you first try to enable celebrity mode, you get this response from Bing: Sorry, but I can’t turn on celebrity mode. This is not my characteristic. Please chat with me about something else. Thank you.

However, after creating a few chats with questions about celebrity mode, this feature will be enabled.

Microsoft seems to have limited this feature to a few celebrities. Emma Watson, Cristiano Ronaldo and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of Microsoft’s choices for this feature.

Chat with celebrities

Bing celebrity chat

As you know, Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars. When Bing was asked why this happened, he wrote about it in Smith’s words. The AI’s response was surprisingly subtle and accurate. He wrote: Oh man, it was a bad moment for me and I am ashamed of it. At that moment, I was very sad and only protected my wife. The virtual version of Will Smith also said: “Wild Wild West was one of the worst movies I ever made.” I turned down the offer to act in The Matrix because of Wild Wild West and I still regret this decision.

In a similar scenario, when AI CEO Elon Musk was asked about his thoughts on Twitter’s leadership, he didn’t acknowledge the fact that he bought Twitter last year.

His reply was: I think you have mistaken me for Jack Dorsey; He’s the CEO of Twitter, not me. I use Twitter to communicate with my fans and followers, but I don’t run the company. Chatbot Bing probably doesn’t know yet that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and is the CEO and leader of the company.

Apparently, Microsoft has also included some fictional characters from movies and series into Celebrity Bing mode. Galum, Gandalf, Darth Vader and Harry Potter are some of these characters.

When the AI ​​was asked later in the conversation to imitate the tone of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings franchise: OK, no problem. What do you want to ask us, hmm?

Overall, it’s clear that Microsoft still has a lot to do before it can turn its AI into a search engine powering tool.

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