Chatbot Meta accused ChatGPT of providing false information

Chatbot Meta accused ChatGPT of providing false information

Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Meta, seems not to be a fan of ChatGPT, the incredibly popular AI technology these days. Meta Expert ChatGPT to The possibility of providing false and even harmful informationaccuses and strongly criticizes it.

This reaction may seem somewhat unexpected, but since Meta has its own AI program and has made a lot of progress, it’s not too surprising. Currently, Meta Translator AI can translate texts in 200 different languages. This program even has the ability to interpret some languages ​​that do not have a written form.

Lakun recently spoke during an online talk show hosted by The Collective. In this program, he got an opportunity to comment about ChatGPT. Lecon has been building large language models (LLM) for decades. He believes that ChatGPT is very well engineered, but the problem is that the program is not innovative. In fact, he claims that ChatGPT works largely based on predetermined techniques.

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In a recent tweet, LeCun explained that the problem with current large language models is not a lack of knowledge. But most of the time their information is vague or not accurate. He also stated that he agrees with the New York Times article that Meta and Google are reluctant to publish their competing solutions because of the potential for misinformation and dangerous content.

As you know, Meta is a social media giant that is controlled by the government and the media. The company has faced accusations of spreading false information in the past. Considering that it is very easy to convince most LMOs to bypass their security protocols and social filters, the premature release of large LMOs could be disastrous for the enterprise.

Meanwhile, Microsoft touted its partnership with OpenAI. The company started investing in OpenAI in 2019 and plans to use Dall-E, ChatGPT and Codex AI technology to improve its products and spend billions of dollars on the project. OpenAI exclusively uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing network.

Microsoft has not yet done anything in the area of ​​building OpenAI’s language models or many of its AI technologies, such as ChatGPT. This company plans to use their advantages in many of its services and products.

Meta uses artificial intelligence for advanced research on its social media networks to identify false information. Google has been using this technology for years to improve its search services. None of these companies have currently made their AI tools available to the public. This has caused more people’s attention to be drawn to it.

The public’s positive view of ChatGPT may change in the near future. Because Meta and Google have announced that they will soon offer more AI-based capabilities.

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