China asks government and military retirees to work in iPhone factory

China asks government and military retirees to work in iPhone factory

China recently from Army and government pensioners This country asked them to work in the largest iPhone manufacturing factory in China to help increase production in this factory. The letter, published on WeChat, asked former government employees and military retirees to respond to the government’s request and work at Foxconn’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China, where 70 percent of Apple’s iPhones are manufactured.

This message was published by the local office of Chinese Army Veterans Affairs, and for the initial registration, a bonus of $112 is considered, and after 30 days, the amount paid will reach $423. In early November and almost two weeks ago, Apple reduced the production of iPhone 14 due to production problems.

In this regard, Reuters reported that the capacity of this factory may be reduced by 30% this November. In early November, the authorities also imposed restrictions on this economic zone, and the published videos showed that the Foxconn factory workers tried to leave the factory and escape the restrictions by climbing the fences and walking on the roads after the spread of the Corona virus. have had a background

Chinese Army Retired iPhone Factory
Mass departure of employees of this factory in early November due to corona restrictions

The new coronavirus restrictions had caused people who tested positive to be quarantined in a separate location at the same factory, however these restrictions ended on November 9. However, it does not seem that these restrictions have stopped the spread of Corona. Although these restrictions have officially ended in this business park, reports have been published about the deprivation of freedom of quarantined people and have led to accusing the local authorities in this regard and finally lifting this quarantine.

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company, and in this regard, it has not yet published a report about people infected with Covid-19 at the company’s factory located in Zhengzhou. However, Chinese media reported on Thursday that nearly 100,000 new workers have been hired, but a recent request for military and government retirees may indicate that Foxconn’s iPhone factory is still understaffed.

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