China has ordered the removal of its largest passenger subscription service, Didi, from app stores

چین دستور به حذف بزرگترین سرویس اشتراک سواری این کشور، Didi از فروشگاه‌های اپ داد

China’s biggest riding partner, Didi, is the latest victim of the country’s regulators. «China Cyberspace Authority(CAC) has announced a ban on its Didi app stores after announcing that it threatens users’ cyber security.

The Chinese regulator said Didi should follow the laws of this country To follow And ensure the security of its customers:

“The Didi Chuxing app significantly violates the rules by illegally collecting and using personal information.”

The company has 377 million active users in China and said in a statement that it complies with government requests. The company removes and modifies its program from stores in China to make changes to satisfy regulators.

According to Didi, customers and drivers who have already downloaded the app can continue to use it:

“We sincerely thank this section for its guidelines for troubleshooting Didi hazards. We will rectify the situation and reduce the risks. “We also provide safe and convenient services to customers.”

The Chinese government’s ban comes less than a week after Didi went public on the New York Stock Exchange. The company became the largest Chinese company on the US stock exchange after Alibaba in 2014.

Two days after the listing on the New York Stock Exchange, China suspended the registration of new users in the app. This suspension was to prevent increased risks during the cyber security review of this program.

The Chinese government’s new ban shows the government’s serious efforts to counter Didi, although it is not the only travel-sharing service, and China wants to increase its austerity measures against the country’s technology giants.

In recent months, several major Chinese technology companies have been widely investigated for alleged monopolies or illegal use of user information.

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