China is developing quantum radar to detect stealth fighters

چین برای شناسایی جنگنده‌های پنهان‌کار رادار کوانتومی توسعه می‌دهد

Scientists in China are apparently working on a new quantum radar technology that can detect stealth fighters by creating a small electromagnetic storm. Although there are doubts about such a system, if this technology is achieved, the equations for air warfare will change and China will have the upper hand in these wars.

As the SCMP website Reported, The article of Chinese researchers has not been judged yet and of course experts from other countries have the same issue They ask questions. In fact, this is not the first time Chinese researchers have made major claims about the performance of quantum radars, but what is the point?

Conventional radars have a fixed or rotating dish, but the design of quantum radars is more like a gun, accelerating electrons at almost the speed of light. As they pass through a winding tube exposed to strong magnetic fields, they create a whirlwind of microwaves that move forward like a horizontal tornado.

If this process is successfully completed, the Chinese-designed quantum radar system could outperform any radar system in the past. However, there is still a big “if” to access this technology and it can not be guaranteed.

Despite this, the benefits of this system have led scientists to pay attention to it, as countries increase the secrecy of fighters, countries need a more powerful system to identify them.

Researchers point out that the elementary particles used in this artificial electromagnetic storm can exhibit strange properties. In this study, each particle maintained a momentum or spiral momentum despite increasing distance and time. According to Einstein’s research, such a feature is physically impossible, but researchers insist that quantum mechanics bypasses these predictions, and that quantum radar can see targets that ordinary radars cannot.

Chinese scientists say the system not only can detect stealth aircraft remotely, but also works well in adverse weather conditions.

As we said at the beginning, foreign experts reject the claims of Chinese scientists, however, if China can really acquire such technology, it will be a great advantage for the Beijing government, and of course the world of stealth fighters will undergo great changes.

At present, most fighters can not be completely hidden because they reflect electromagnetic waves. American fighters, such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35, absorb most of the radar waves through a special coating and are also specially concealed with a special structure. Such an approach is an advantage for the Washington administration, but perhaps in the future, with the acquisition of quantum radar, it will be China that will be at the forefront of air warfare.

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