China reports first human outbreak of H10N3 bird flu

چین اولین مورد ابتلای انسانی به گونه H10N3 آنفلوانزای پرندگان را گزارش کرد

According to the Beijing National Health Commission (NHC), the 41-year-old man in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu has contracted the rare H10N3 bird flu virus.

There are many species of bird flu in China that usually spread sporadically to people who come in contact with these animals, and now a rare species has spread to humans, although there is no sign that it has spread easily to humans. Given this, we probably should not expect a fate similar to that of Corona, a virus that has killed millions.

The infected person, who lives in the city of “Zhenjiang”, will be hospitalized on May 28, and on June 28, doctors will diagnose him with H10N3. The National Health Commission has not released details on how the person contracted the bird flu outbreak.

The patient’s condition is now stable and he is ready to be discharged. Investigations indicate that the relatives of this 41-year-old man were not infected. In addition, no other human cases of H10N3 have been reported worldwide to date.

According to the Beijing National Health Commission, H10N3 is low in pathogenicity, so it does not cause severe disease in poultry and is not expected to be widespread.

to the Reuters reportThe World Health Organization says it does not know how the person became infected with H10N3:

“The source of the patient’s exposure to the H10N3 virus is currently unknown, and no other cases have been reported in the local population. There are currently no signs of human-to-human transmission of the virus. “As long as there is bird flu among birds, it is not surprising that humans are scattered, but it reminds us that there are threats of an influenza pandemic.”

H10N3 is not uncommon and only 160 quarantines have been made in the last 40 years until 2018, most of which are limited to wild birds in Asia and a few in North America.

Researchers need to access the genetic data of this virus to find out how similar it is to older viruses, although we may encounter a new species containing combinations of different viruses. However, experts say there is nothing to worry about for humans.

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