China: Space debris hitting the moon is not the remnant of our rocket

چین: زباله فضایی در حال برخورد به ماه، باقی مانده موشک ما نیست

China has claimed that a piece of space debris about to hit the moon does not belong to China’s moon missions, contrary to astronomers’ beliefs. However, since all the data show that this waste is a piece of old Chinese rocket, China may have confused the missions and does not know which space mission this waste belongs to.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Webin last Monday Announced“Under Chinese supervision, the second stage of the missile belongs to the mission Chang 5 “It entered the atmosphere and burned and disappeared altogether.” In addition, according to the data of the 18th Department of Space Control of the US Space Force, the entire rocket of this space mission entered the atmosphere in the fall of 2015 and was destroyed.

This piece of space debris has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks since an astronomer named Bill Gray tracked it down and predicted it would hit the moon on March 4th. At first, he thought the debris was part of a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket that was sent to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration six years ago. But further investigation revealed that the debris was part of a mission rocket Changhe 5-T1 It is China and the previous prediction was wrong.

NASA and University of Arizona Surveys

The Center for Near-Object Studies, part of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), further confirmed that the debris was part of a mission rocket. Changhe 5-T1 Is. University of Arizona students also identified the waste in a spectral survey and identified it as belonging to the Chinese mission.

So far, tracking space debris has not been a US space force concern, and the organization has focused more on space debris near Earth. Track debris near the ground easily with Radar It is done, but large telescopes are needed to track distant debris.

However, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman did not react to the incident on Monday, and as we said, there may still be ambiguities in the diagnosis of the mission. Plus, Webbin in his response to the mission Chang 5 Pointed and a letter from Changhe 5-T1 To.

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