China to soon unveil CH-6 drone with a maximum range of 12,000 km

چین به‌زودی از جنگنده بدون سرنشین CH-6 با حداکثر برد ۱۲ هزار کیلومتر رونمایی می‌کند

The Cai Hong (Rainbow) 6 or CH-6 unmanned fighter jet will be on public display at the China International Air Show from October 6 to 11. to the China-Arms reportThis new fighter is a large drone with long speed and long range. The media claims to know everything about this new Chinese fighter.

This product is very similar to the CH-5 and the only difference is in the T-shaped tail section of the aircraft. The T-shaped tail and wings are also longer. Its maximum weight when rising from the ground will be 7.8 tons and its load capacity will be 300 kg in reconnaissance mode and 2 tons in reconnaissance-attack mode. Fighter jet fuel capacity The CH-6 reaches 3.42 tons in reconnaissance mode and 1.72 tons in reconnaissance-attack mode.

The specifications of the new Chinese jets include a 15-meter-long plane, a 20.5-meter wing and a 5-meter height. The maximum speed of the aircraft reaches 800 kilometers per hour. This product is one of the largest drones in China and can perform various missions, including reconnaissance and attack. It also has the ability to install surface-to-air missiles and use them as a long-term fixed air platform.

Cruise speed in The CH-6 will be between 500 and 700 km / h, with an altitude of 10 km, a flight limit of 12 km, a maximum range of 20 hours in reconnaissance mode and 8 hours in reconnaissance-attack mode. Also, the maximum distance in the detection mode is 12,000 km and in the detection-attack mode is 4,500 km, the maximum ascent speed is 20 meters per second and its operating radius is 300 km. China will unveil its latest aviation achievements at the Aerospace Exhibition and is likely to attract the attention of many countries to purchase aircraft.

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