China wants to predict natural disasters with 36 satellites

چین می‌خواهد با ۳۶ ماهواره بلایای طبیعی را پیش‌بینی کند

China has launched an ambitious plan to build a constellation of 36 low-orbit satellites and plans to launch all of them by 2023. These satellites want to provide China with information about natural disasters and the ability to predict and monitor them.

According to the report «China DailyThe new project is led by Tianjin Satcom Geohe Technologies Co., and the first satellite will be launched in June 2022. Other satellites will join the first satellite by May 2023.

China’s satellite network provides high-quality images of scientists so they can detect geological deformations even on a millimeter scale. This feature makes it possible to predict natural geological disasters such as landslides and landslides.

According to a recent report, satellite data are being combined with geological surveys as well as monitoring data collected by ground-based sensors to improve the accuracy of natural disaster forecasts. By doing so, governments and citizens will have more time to prepare for such a situation.

China is not the only country that wants to use satellites to prevent natural disasters. The International Charter for Large Space and Disasters is an international effort that uses space technology to assist with emergency response in the event of a natural disaster.

The international effort involves 17 members, and 61 satellites around the world are contributing to the program to enable the rapid organization of resources for rapid response to natural disasters. The network operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so none of the disasters go unnoticed by this international organization.

The European Space Agency also uses satellites to observe natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods and volcanic eruptions.

Finally, it is worth noting that China is not just working on this satellite constellation. The country has been working on a giant constellation of 13,000 satellites since April this year to provide satellite internet.

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