China wants to return the first prototypes of Mars to Earth sooner than NASA

چین می‌خواهد زودتر از ناسا اولین نمونه‌های مریخ را به زمین برگرداند

China wants the first rock sample from Mars in a year 2031 Back to earth. This timeline is two years ahead of NASA’s timeline for returning similar specimens from the Red Planet. Beijing recently unveiled its plan for the mission and will take a complex and difficult path.

According to the news agency SpaceNews“Ambitious mission”تیان‌ون -3To bring the Mars sample back to Earth, it was explained this week by Sun Zhu, the chief designer of the country’s Mars rover and orbiter mission. Beijing wants to collect these samples later this year 2028 Send a spacecraft to the Red Planet and then return these specimens to Earth in July 2031.

It is difficult to return Mars specimens to Earth

The reason why China’s plan is tighter than NASA is that, unlike Washington, Beijing intends to collect samples of Red Planet rocks in a straightforward and simple process. China Space Agency last year showed that it has acquired technology to travel to Mars and implement a probe on the planet’s surface. Why Return the sample to the ground It needs more steps. The samples must be delivered to a spacecraft in orbit around Mars via an ascending device to go to Earth and release the sample capsule into our planet’s atmosphere.

Both NASA and China missions are very complex and require extensive research and testing. Of course, in the end, it is still possible that the mission will face problems at any stage. But if there is no problem, scientists can look at samples from Mars in advanced ground-based laboratories to see if they really are. هایات Is it on Mars or not?

China has for some time been increasing investment in space activities and intends to become a global power in this field. It hopes to be a pioneer in extracting resources from other spheres, including the moon and Mars, and not lag behind the US-European alliance.

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