China’s largest chipmaker has probably made a 7nm chip with the sanctions nullified

بزرگ‌ترین تراشه‌ساز چین احتمالا با بی‌اثر کردن تحریم‌ها، چیپ 7 نانومتری ساخته است

China’s largest chipmaker known as SMIC Probably, despite the sanctions of the United States of America, it has been able to upgrade the technology of its factories by two generations. Informed sources say that this company has started to supply semiconductors for Bitcoin mining with the technology 7 nm has done.

According to TechInsights and quoted by Bloombergthis Shanghai-based chip maker that previously made chips 14 nm was producing, now with a significant leap, it has started producing 7nm chips. America will sell equipment to SMIC for the production of semiconductors from the end of 2020 10 nm and banned the more advanced.

Company MinerVa Named in this report as a customer of SMIC, it displayed a 7nm chip on its website and announced that the mass production of this product has started in July 2021. However, this company has not announced which company is the manufacturer of this chip. SMIC and MinerVa have yet to respond to media requests for comment.

Has chipmaking in China reached self-sufficiency?

An unnamed source familiar with the development process confirmed the report. Now, the question that experts raise is how effective trade restrictions have been in preventing China’s progress. Haven’t these sanctions helped to reduce the country’s reliance on foreign technologies? This news is published in a situation where American lawmakers have asked Washington to tighten China’s restrictions on supplying technology to Russia.

It should be noted that although the shrinking size of transistors means that more parts can be placed in the chips and their power is increased, but the lithography standard of production does not indicate the advancedness of a chip as much as in the past. In the real world, a variety of factors affect the economics and performance of a manufacturing process. One of the most important factors, especially for chipmakers, is rate efficiency Is; That is, how many chips will be usable after the manufacturing process. For years, Intel struggled to improve the efficiency of its advanced lithography. Now we have to see with what rate of return SMIC has reached this important achievement.

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