Chinese researchers have designed a smart pillow that measures the quality of sleep

محققان چینی بالش هوشمندی طراحی کرده‌اند که کیفیت خواب را ارزیابی می‌کند

Chinese researchers failed to design Smart pillow It is equipped with an automatic feeding system and can measure the quality of sleep and rest through head movements and provide the results through the relevant application.

Many people do not get enough sleep, if at all The Human Body It needs as much sleep as it needs water and food. Lack of sleep It causes the mind and body to not have proper peace and balance.

So far, several studies have been conducted on chronic sleep deprivation and its association with physical ailments such as Diabetes And Heart disease As well as mental health problems performed. It is usually necessary to check the quality of sleep in a well-equipped laboratory Sleep And Dream Go to get information about the quality of his sleep. But this time, Chinese researchers have come up with a simpler solution and designed a smart pillow that can sleep quality To evaluate. This smart pillow provides users with the desired information via mobile phone or smart watch.

Smart pillow to track sleep quality

The Smart Pillow uses triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) to monitor the user’s sleep. This technology has Automatic feeding system And is commonly used as eye masks, belts, stickers and even sheets. Ding Li, Zhong Lin Wang, and colleagues used the same technology to develop smart pillows to track head quality and sleep quality by tracking head movements.

To build this Pillow The new smart researchers used a flexible polymeric triboelectric layer. Move the head on this layer and make changes Electrical Field The area around the adjacent electrodes is examined. The pillow is also equipped with flexible sensors that can be easily used on ordinary pillows. This system can have applications beyond Sleep tracking Have.

For example, this system can monitor patients with diseases such as degenerative neck disorders, cervical spondylosis that affect head movement. Furthermore, Smart pillow It can be used as an early warning system for people who are at risk of falling out of bed.

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