Chinese scientists have taken the fusion of a stable nucleus one step closer to reality

دانشمندان چینی همجوشی هسته‌ای پایدار را یک قدم به واقعیت نزدیکتر کردند

If we have access to nuclear fusion technology, we can have unlimited clean and cheap energy. But achieving a sustainable process that uses nuclear fusion to generate energy is very difficult. But now a group of Chinese scientists have announced that they have been able to achieve a less expensive process than other processes by repeating the process of generating energy in the sun, and now, after a year of trial and error, they have achieved promising results.

the door this process High-power laser pulses strike cones the size of a pencil, made of gold. Within this system, the cones are arranged so that their tops face each other. After the laser strikes the cones, a hydrogen plasma is generated from both cones and collides at the same time, with so much energy in between that nuclear fusion occurs.

The team suggested that these gold cones could be placed in a machine like a machine gun to do the process very quickly and generate energy. In addition, gold cones must be mass-produced in order to produce and use such a machine.

Shengwang Laser Facility 2

The research team has so far conducted three almost successful experiments with the system and plans to conduct the next test next month. Although this study has its own problems, the preliminary results of these experiments confirm their theory.

Because nuclear physics can be very dangerous, the group said it was moving forward with its studies, going through each stage one after the other so as not to pose any threat to those studies.

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