Chinese scientists want to build a powerful space telescope to observe dark matter

دانشمندان چینی می‌خواهند برای رصد ماده تاریک یک تلسکوپ فضایی قدرتمند بسازند

Chinese scientists want to build a new generation of space observatories specifically to look for dark matter. Although the observatory is still in the early stages of research and development, researchers hope to find a way to See dark matter Become.

Very large gamma-ray space telescope Or in short VLAST Still a long way to go has it. But the goal of Chinese researchers is to build an observatory that is sensitive 10 times The NASA Large Area Telescope. NASA Telescope is currently the most sensitive gamma ray telescope in the world.

Researchers involved in the design plan to send their telescope into orbit by the end of this decade. However, the Chinese government must first give the project the green light. Researchers in an article published in the Chinese journal Acta Astronomica Sinica say that VLAST to find traces of dark matter in the gamma ray spectrum. Between 0.3 GV and 20 TA Will observe.

Does China make it possible to observe dark matter?

They claim that VLAST will also examine the Milky Way galaxy more closely Excess gamma ray radiation To see. This mysterious surplus can be explained by the existence of self-destructive dark matter. Scientists also plan to use the observatory to study fascinating topics such as gamma-ray bursts, X-ray binary stars and the origin of cosmic rays.

Based on available initial information, VLAST from Three types of sensors Will benefit. The sensors first detect gamma-ray photons from other particles entering the telescope, and then accurately measure the energy and trajectory of the gamma-ray photons. The weight of this telescope is predicted to 16 tons That is, it is much higher than most space telescopes.

Gamma rays The most energetic They are the shape of light. These rays help scientists make deeper observations of the universe to observe objects such as fast-spinning neutron stars or very dense black holes. These phenomena are indirect evidence for dark matter that has filled most of the universe, but there are still many questions about it.

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