Chrome 110 supports Nvidia RTX Super Resolution

Chrome 110 supports Nvidia RTX Super Resolution

Upscaling technologies at Nvidia will soon enter a new dimension, online video streaming will soon be enhanced by the power of RTX graphics. Quoted from videocardzNvidia announced that with the start of support for Chrome and Edge browsers, RTX Video Super Resolution technology can provide users with the ability to upgrade 4K AI in video playback.

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Google has recently released the initial stable version of Chrome (110.0.5481.77), which is currently only available to a small percentage of users, and on February 7 (18 February), its main version will be widely available. According to the official changes, Chrome 110 now supports Nvidia’s RTX Video Super Resolution technology, but still needs a new driver to work. Additionally, RTX VSR has now been confirmed to only work if enabled by users manually via the Nvidia Control Panel, otherwise it won’t be enabled by default.

Nvidia RTX Super Resolution Chrome support

Nvidia has demonstrated this efficiency-enhancing technology for YouTube, but it can be assumed that it will find much wider application. Technically, there’s nothing stopping YouTube and Google from allowing VSR to work with GeForce Now or even premium video streaming platforms like Netflix. Using this technology, it is theoretically possible to achieve 4K video from a 1080p source.

As stated in the official information, RTX VSR only works with GeForce RTX 30 and RTX 40 graphics cards. Of course, in this information, it is said that the RTX 20 series can also support this technology in the future. In any case, Nvidia should release a driver to make it compatible, which will happen in late February (early March).

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