Climate change is leading to more severe storms across Europe

تغییرات اقلیمی منجر به طوفان‌های شدیدتری در سراسر اروپا می‌شود

Recent studies show that climate change is creating a large wave of severe and slow storms in Europe. Researchers are also studying the effects of climate change on European storms Showed In the future, many more of these storms will occur in Europe. They estimate that these storms could increase to 14 times by the end of the century.

These storms have a much higher percentage of rainfall and can have devastating consequences, such as the recent floods in Germany and Belgium. Using accurate modeling, the researchers were able to calculate that slower storms could accumulate rainfall in a local area and increase the risk of flooding.

With supercomputers, researchers were able to extract accurate maps of European climate. This map has an accuracy of approximately two kilometers that can better model storms and provide scientists with more details in the event of more severe storms. Using this map, metrics can be extracted that can be used to check the intensity of storms. These metrics give us a comprehensive view of the problem, and we can understand the factors that cause severe storms in the atmosphere.

This research is one of the first studies to be done on changes in the speed of severe storms. The speed of the storm is one of the most important factors that affect the flood. Researchers are currently using climatic data to study other climatic forms that could lead to severe damage.

Global warming is advancing rapidly around the world, and governments are doing very poorly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This study showed that changes in severe storms can have a very significant impact on catastrophic floods in Europe.

The current floods in Europe show that we need to build a better management system as soon as possible. In addition, we must use climate change safety factors in infrastructure design so that we can make them more resilient to such severe weather phenomena.

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