Coca-Cola has announced its readiness to mass-produce 100% herbal bottles

کوکا کولا برای تولید انبوه بطری ۱۰۰ درصد گیاهی ابراز آمادگی کرد

It seems that the use of vegetable plastics has finally gone beyond the research stage. Coca-Cola has now introduced for the first time a new bottle that is made entirely of 100% vegetable plastic. The company says their technology is ready for large-scale use.

Coca-Cola first unveiled the PlantBottle bottle more than a decade ago, whose PET plastic was made from up to 30% plant material. The company had been replacing the remaining 70% over the years, and now, with the help of Virent technology, is turning corn sugar into a hydrocarbon called para-xylene (bPX) and then into a plant acid terephthalic (bPTA). Converts.

The other 30% of bottles are made from sugar, which is directly converted to monoethylene glycol (MEG). “The main challenge in using bioethanol is the issue of fuel,” said Dana Breed, director of research and development, packaging and reliability for Coca-Cola products. We needed a new generation of MEG solution to meet this challenge while still being able to use the second generation of raw materials such as forest waste or agricultural by-products. “Our goal with plant PET is to use surplus agricultural products to minimize carbon footprint.”

Coca-Cola says the technology is ready for large-scale use and wants to turn all its plastic bottles into plant products by 2030 in Europe and Japan. The company has initially produced about 900 PlantBottle bottles.

“We have taken important steps to reduce the use of non-recyclable petroleum plastics, and at the same time we are moving towards a cyclical economy, and we want to reduce carbon emissions to zero by a common goal by 2050,” said Nancy Coan, Coca-Cola’s chief technical and innovation director. “We believe that plant plastics will play an important role in the future, and in line with the cyclical economy, it will support programs to reduce carbon footprint, eliminate reliance on new fossil fuels and collect PET.”

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