Coca-Cola introduced a new flavor for Metavers

کوکاکولا طعم جدیدی برای متاورس معرفی کرد

Coca Cola Introduced another weird taste for his drinks that at least now arrived متاورس Has been. This drink, called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, is made with a unique design and will be available to customers soon.

“Oana Vlad”, Senior Director of Coca-Cola Global Strategy In this regard, he said:

“As the second project of Coca-Cola Creations, we wanted an innovative taste inspired by emotion. پیکسل‌ها “Let’s create that is rooted in experiences like video games.”

This new flavor is the second limited project of the Coca-Cola Creations team that tasted in its previous show. Starlight Inspired by space in February. Also from Coca-Cola Starlight to attend Augmented Reality Concert A singer named “Eva Max” was used.

The new taste of Coca-Cola in the world of Fortnite

Similarly, the new flavor offers similar virtual experiences on an island called Pixel Point in Fortnite Creative (part of Fortnite Created for construction). In this map, which was designed in collaboration with the PWR game organization, players must look for drinks and play several multiplayer games.

Also, by scanning the code on the drink package, an augmented reality (AR) game is run for users, which tells the story of an 8-bit pixel character named Byte. Players must return him to his place in the Coca-Cola logo.

Although this drink has appeared in Metavars, in the future, users will not need a virtual reality headset to try it. Coca-Cola plans to launch a taste of the same beverage from May 2 (May 12), which will be available exclusively and in a very limited way through the Coca-Cola website.

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