Collaboration of Club House and TED to provide exclusive audio conversations

همکاری کلاب هاوس و TED برای ارائه گفتگوهای صوتی اختصاصی

Club House, which has made a big difference in the world of social media with its voice chat feature, now has a new partner with a well-functioning podcast world: TED. The company has announced that it is working with Ted to bring exclusive conversations to this social audio platform.

Ted’s first room on the social network launches today, and its meetings will be held weekly on Mondays. Of course, in the near future new rooms or rooms will be opened through the Ted Club in the Club House.

According to the agreement, TED can partner with other brands to sponsor or advertise in forums, and Club House does not make a share of that revenue. Such collaboration seems logical, as some users compare Club House rooms to Ted conversations. With this collaboration, people can once again share their ideas with others.

Ted launched Audio Collective in February, announcing that its programs were downloaded 1.65 million times a day. Recipients of these programs are present all over the world. According to Spotify, TED Talks Daily was the second most popular global app on its platform in 2020.

Given Ted’s approach, he knows how to operate on the audio platform, and people are listening to his programs. So the recent collaboration will benefit both Ted and the Club House. With this collaboration, TED can hold Q&A sessions as well as conferences, which is not possible with regular podcasts.

Competition in the world of audio social media is on the rise, and it’s apparently a winning platform that can attract more talent. In this regard, Spotify will probably encourage podcasters to use “Greenroom”, the rival of Club House. Facebook wants to work with celebrities to boost Live Audio Rooms. Twitter and the NFL (American National Football League) also want to produce proprietary content for Spaces.

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