Commercial WhatsApp comes with new features to make communication easier

واتس‌اپ تجاری با قابلیت‌های جدیدی برای ساده‌تر کردن ارتباطات بروز می‌شود

In order to attract big business, Facebook has updated Commercial WhatsApp with new features, including good customer relationship options and easier access to corporate services that make communication easier.

Despite many concerns about user privacy and cloud data storage, WhatsApp is still an important tool for many retailers to connect with customers. Facebook has now decided to facilitate chatting with businesses in its messaging app, perhaps to prevent users from migrating to other platforms and attract the attention of large companies.

With the new feature, users can also use the default options provided by WhatsApp when chatting with businesses. The app’s API has also been modified so that some phrases can provide more options for customers to have easier access to the services of each store. Even if you have an unpleasant experience from a salesperson, you can still see options for choosing reasons and offers when blocking a chat.

Facebook believes The added features to WhatsApp will make larger businesses pay attention to this platform. He also said that WhatsApp’s new capabilities could reduce corporate support and response from long weeks to just a few minutes. Users will no longer need to make phone calls or send emails and can easily start chatting with the business of their choice.

Of course, it will take some time for businesses to get the most out of the new potential of WhatsApp API, and we will not see the addition of its features to chats any time soon. After WhatsApp introduced new rules for the use of personal data, a wave of anger swept through the app’s users and campaigns were launched to boycott it. Eventually Facebook was forced to retreat And declared that non-adoption of the new rules would not impair the performance of messengers; But there are still concerns about misappropriation or large-scale commercial use of WhatsApp user data.

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WhatsApp is trying to introduce new features like Hassle-free transfer of chats to the new contact number And Support for one account by multiple devices, To attract people’s attention again. It is also said that new features such as automatic deletion of messages, transfer of chat history from Android to iOS and review of voice messages before sending will be available to all users.

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