Comparing the price of Vespa motorcycles in Iran and the UAE; Beloved by the hearts of the rich young

مقایسه قیمت موتورسیکلت‌ وسپا در ایران و امارات؛ محبوب دل ثروتمندان جوان

Vespa Brandi is a familiar name in the motorcycle market of our country, which currently has the title of luxury due to the high price of its various products in Iran, but in the global market, it is a conventional motorcycle with a classic design. Vespa is an Italian brand that provides a variety of products based on features such as durability, strength and good propulsion efficiency and provides them to motorcyclists. In this short article, we intend to compare the price of this nostalgic motorcycle in Iran and the UAE (as a country close to the region).

Vespa motorcycles are for intra-city use and have been present in our country’s market since ancient times. It should be noted that driving these products does not require special skills and therefore can be very helpful in the hectic traffic of metropolitan cities these days.

Most Vespa motorcycles are generally lightweight and equipped with automatic transmissions with variable coefficients. For this reason, their acceleration is significant compared to their weight and propulsion.

Learn a little about the history of Vespa

Vespa is an Italian brand that has been operating in the field of motorcycles since 1946. This brand is very popular not only in Italy but all over the world, and it is interesting to know that the United Kingdom is a very strong sales market for this brand. After Italy, the United Kingdom is responsible for the largest sales of various models of this brand.

Vespas are generally known for their attractive coloring and funny metal body. Since 1946, since the beginning of production and release of the first Vespa model, more than 150 different models of these small motorcycles have been made and the sales statistics of these models are more than 16 million units.

Italy, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Spain are the thriving markets of Vespa, where the various models of this brand experience good sales.

It is interesting to know that Vespa is developing hybrid models and intends to design and produce its products according to the needs and conditions of the market.

The main reason why Vespa can become popular in different models is Hollywood. In fact, the use of different models of this motorcycle in Hollywood movies in the 1950s and 1960s, along with the brand’s advertisements in various magazines, caused the Vespa brand to be known and the sales of its various production models to increase significantly.

Vespa prices in Iran

Exotic Vespa market in Iran

Various Vespa models have been offered in our country’s market for many years, but in recent years, some models of this Italian brand have become a symbol of aristocracy.

These models are priced at several hundred million, and unlike other parts of the world, sometimes the price of special Vespa models is more expensive than a zero-kilometer car, and this has made Vespa a means of urban transportation for the young but prosperous strata of society.

Also, the heavy traffic of the country’s metropolises, especially the capital, has caused the use of motorcycles to increase many times in recent years. Especially different models of Vespa, which as a full-fledged scooter are more compact than other motorcycles and have a better appearance and more efficiency. This has led to an increase in demand for these products and an increase in their prices.

Comparing the prices of different Vespa products in the Iranian and world markets shows well why this brand is a luxury brand in our country.

A 250 cc Vespa in the UAE, for example, costs less than $ 6,000. Taking into account $ 24.7 Tomans (the daily rate of the dollar at the time of writing) the price of this Vespa production engine should be less than 150 million Tomans. While in the last published advertisement of this product, we see that a second-hand model with a performance of more than 500 km has a price tag of 215 million Tomans. The price of a 250 cc Vespa without function in the open market may reach 240 million tomans.

Vespa prices in the world

The Primavera 150 model of this brand is currently priced at less than $ 4,000 in the international market. This is while the lowest price of this Vespa motorcycle in our country reaches 135 million Tomans. Taking into account $ 24.7 Tomans, the international price of this model is less than 100 million Tomans.

Sprint 150 is another popular product of Vespa brand in our country’s market, which is currently being bought and sold in used models with a price between 190 and 210 million Tomans. The international price of this model in the world market is about 5,700 dollars or in other words 142 million tomans.

Vespa Vixel model, which is very popular in the Indian market, has a price of 55 to 65 million tomans in our country. While the world rate is about 660 dollars, which is converted into tomans to a figure of less than 43 million tomans.

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