Complete kitchen management with Moley $ 340,000 smart robot [تماشا کنید]

Complete kitchen management with Moley $ 340,000 smart robot [تماشا کنید]

The intelligent kitchen robots of the English startup “Moley” can take over the management of the whole kitchen from zero to one hundred, from cooking to serving and finally washing the dishes. The company’s most complete robot, priced at 340,000, also pays attention to the user’s food bans, tastes and treatment regimens while cooking.

Molly startup in 2015 prototype of a smart robot for your kitchen Exhibited. Since then, the company has been working on the design and development of a robotic and fully intelligent kitchen so that users can leave the complete management of the kitchen to the robots with the company’s intelligent robots.

One of the differences between Molly’s intelligent robots and robots from other companies such as Creator and Picnic is that Molly focuses on cooking robots for home users; Other companies, on the other hand, generally focus on smart commercial kitchens.

Molly’s kitchen robot has two powerful robotic arms that can touch various objects in the kitchen and basically help to remove objects from these powerful arms and hands. The robot has the ability to move back and forth on the integrated rail system.

The powerful hands of this robot have been made by one of the German specialist companies called “Schunk”, which with special skill can pick up pots, pans and various dishes made to order by Molly startup.

With special delicacy, with the help of cameras and light sensors installed in different parts of its body, the intelligent robot selects the raw materials, mixes and finally cooks the food and then prepares it. The intelligent robot collects dirty dishes after serving food and performs zero to one hundred tasks related to cooking, serving and washing dishes on its own.

It is enough for the chef to specify the step-by-step instructions for cooking a specific food and give it to the computer system. Molly goes step by step to prepare the chef’s desired meal. Molly’s kitchen robot maker plans to enable more than 5,000 recipes on Molly so that home users can easily use the robot.

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Users can give the necessary instructions to Molly through the touch screen. Molly cooking system has other good capabilities as well. For example, users can report certain parameters, such as food bans, diets, and tastes, to Molly to consider while cooking.

The Moley R robot model retails for $ 338,000 and the simpler model, the Moley X, retails for $ 135,000. Molly expects to be able to turn its robots into marketable products by 2021 so that home users and restaurants can take advantage of this opportunity.

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